Driving Up to the Brain Lab

The Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory was founded and directed by researcher T.D.A. Lingo from 1957 until 1993 (And where I (N.S.) went for 11 years, studying, assisting, and working). The lab developed methods by which any person of any age, background, or education could learn to self-control different areas of one's brain to result in vastly increased levels of intelligence, creativity, and pleasure. The methods embraced a number of different techniques based on hard scientific evidence, but simplicity was the key. The land on which the lab was situated was purchased by Lingo and was located high in mountain wilderness west of Denver. The photo below shows an actual view of the mountains near the lab (this photo taken in the late fifties when the lab was first established). The lab was located near the top of what became known as Laughing Coyote Mountain, on about 300 acres of land ranging at between 9,000 and 11,000 feet altitude- the highest point being similar to the far peak at right center.

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