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Moving pictures with or without sound can do amazing things to enhance your perception, teach you life lessons, and make changes in the way that your brain is connected and how it works. It is technology that when used well can have the most positive effect on human experience. It is communication par excellence in the hands of a competent artist.


I am a writer and a publisher. The nature of my business requires me to stay at home and manufacture and ship all of my own 20 CDs, 5 books, and DVD-- and in general this is pretty much "factory" work-- not much thought required. Fortunately I live in Denver, home of the #1 library system in the country- and the Denver Public Library has an absolutely astounding and large collection of old and current videos and DVDs- enough to keep my informed and entertained and EDUCATED every single day. While I do my packaging and production of my original titles, I watch on the average of at least ten films a week, often quite a bit more.


I watch more films of every genre than anyone I personally know, and probably more than any person I can think of, including most film school professors.


So, I figured it would be a helpful and good idea to write a synopsis and recommendation, or a "avoid this movie" each time I see one. This page, is "What I saw today". I imagine this list will become quite long after a short period of time.


One thing I hate about most movie reviews is that they are spoilers- they give away far too much information, often ruining the surprises and plot twists in a film. My job here is simply to give information to the reader about what kind of movie or program I have seen lately, and how I rate the film comparatively- a basic recommendation or not. This should be useful for people wanting to know what to look for or simply a reminder if you see the film on a shelf or advertised in the paper.





For those who may be interested, my own creative personal experience with video and film is such.....



 When I was in junior high school I first began experimenting with 8mm film. I still have my very first Canon movie camera purchased at a pawn shop when I was 15 years old. Before long, I graduated to one Bolex camera then another, making weird art films and animations. Years later I made my own music videos on to the first home video cameras, which was a rather large camera attached to a suitcase sized recorder.


These days I'm shooting broadcast quality video on a camera half the size, and editing on sophisticated professional software on my super duper PC with about 10 hard drives at my disposal. I've complete my first feature film and sell my DVDs on the web constantly--






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Reviews In Alphabetical Order


Ratings are 0 to +5 Stars

5=Don't Miss  0=Don't Waste Your Time







Okay, this is shameless self-promotion of my own film. Now you also know why the title begins with the letter "A".  See  for clips, synopsis, etc. The DVD contains 5 hours of material, and is a bargain at $14.95 (includes shipping). Its fun, its musical, the leading lady is drop-dead gorgeous, the characters are entertaining, and it's very thought provoking to boot. Have Fun with your brain watching this over and over with your friends!







Well, they finally got it right. Nearly every Batman film, and the campy TV series has been trite, and for the most part nothing to write home about. The TV series at least didn't take itself seriously and was in its own way watchable. The previous Batman movies had all the makings of Hollywood blockbusters, i.e.....bleechh. By contrast, this film traces the roots of Batman and Bruce Wayn and does so in a way that maintains interest and retains the dark character portrayed in the comics, and does so in an artful way that is neither juvenile or silly. I was rather surprised, as the first half hour of the film gives the impression that it is just another in the long line of popular super hero films that lacks real character. Worth watching on a rainy day or week night, or when you can't find something really great.







With Bill Macy, Helen Miren


This is a wonderfully rich story based on the life of a physically handicapped door to door salesman, Bill Porter. An anti-thesis of a blockbuster, this is truly a miraculous movie that will almost certainly leave you with a greater appreciation of the potential of the human spirit and the purpose of life. Some people may not be attracted to the premise or main character- and these are exactly the kind of viewers who MUST see this film.  Exquisitely acted and made, this film is not to be missed. Macy won a best actor award for this portrayal, much deserved. On DVD.







The third in the Harry Potter adventures on film, out of the four thus far, this is clearly the best in my view. This film is neither a kids film, nor an overly adult film- closest to the nature of the books in general. A nice long film, it accurately reflects both the fun and adventurous and sometimes mildly frightening nature of the Potter stories, certainly a film that both older children and adults can appreciate and enjoy. Lots of great detail in the effects, although not overtly gimmicky. This chapter in particular has an exceptional story line, and thematic and plot twists that are thoroughly captivating and imaginative. The young actors do an exceptional job this time out, and are thoroughly convincing. A couple of hard to believe holes in the story if you are paying extremely close attention to detail, but in general once belief is suspended, this is a great fantasy ride.











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