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This page contains the most recent feedback and frontal lobes stories from amygdala clickers. This is YOUR Brain Revolution- sample a few of the unsolicited letters received from people like you below. The list includes teachers, scientists, doctors, professionals, and others.

NOTE: This is a LOOOOOONGGGGGGGGG page. The amount of positive email received here is phenomenal. The number of complaints and negative feedback is almost nil. Brain Self-Control works. Not my opinion- YOURS. Each letter is reproduced exactly as received, spelling errors included. Enjoy! - Neil

Hi Neil!
I don't normally write anyone, but I felt compelled today. I've heard you on Art Bell's show a couple of times, and it was entertaining. I didn't believe any of it, but I tried tickling my Amygdala anyway. After a couple of days here and there, when I happened to think about, I began to feel something strange in my forehead area. It was almost like I had a worm crawling around in the front of my head. I work a 12 to 16 hour day seven days a week in the field and on this dumb computer, and after the weird feeling in my forehead, I decided to look through your website to relax and shut down after work. It is truly Huge. While I was there I opted to listen to your free music while I was reading. At one point I punched up a stupid little song called "Click your Amygdala 2" or something like that. When the children started laughing I have an overwhelming major feeling of electricity that started in my head and flowed down my entire body, through my arms and down my legs. It lasted through the rest of the song.

I'm an electrician and I swear my mind flashed to survival mode as if I had run my head into a hot 440 Volt lighting circuit. I was so intrigued that I played this song over, and over, and over, and OVER, until the feeling finally subsided. It was remarkably pleasurable while it lasted. Common sense tells me this can not happen, yet I felt it. I can't reconcile this in my mind. Something is drastically wrong here. I've ordered your book to prove to myself that my eternal desire to be better than I am is playing a tricks on me. You can't possibly CLICK your brain into altered state just by imaginary tickling. When I get your book and CD, I'll report back with the reasons this can't possible work.
Bye for now, R.G. Blake

[NEIL responds:
Great letter-- you're one of those people who got a considerable and BIG POP from the first time clicking-it's not entirely common, but it does happen frequently. However-- now that you have experienced an easy pop-- "tolerance" will likely occur, and you will have to stimulate your brain in ever new and different ways to keep the electricity flowing. The clicking imagery is of prime importance-- it will keep the energy flowing into your magnificent FRONTAL LOBES and CICIL processes- Creativity-Imagination-Cooperation-Intuition-Logic. That's where the all the goodies grow from. So, if the clicking imagery has more subtle effects from this point on-- don't stop. The effects of "clicking" and deliberately circuiting into advanced frontal lobes intelligence- as opposed to being stuck in reptile-brain non-thinking reactive behavior- are accumulative over time. They will continue to build- until one day--- The BIG BANG- Frontal Lobes Transcendence. From then on, Nothing is EVER the same. You've just had a real good pre-pop. Imagine what is coming.........]



(RE: Arrival of Fl Supercharge book)
I got it! Thanks buddy. I'm already 1/3 through the book. I love this kind of information. Nothing better than this, period. :) Btw, the other day I had an amazing thing happen. (and lately this kind of thing has been happening weekly). I was at work at a TV station here in Palm Desert, CA and my brother Dave called me. It's rare because he's in Ohio and I didn't know my wife gave him our new number. Well, he called posing as the stations President. He said, "Hi Pete, this is Bart, did you get the check?" And I'm thinking Bart NEVER calls me, and what check is he talking about? In the meantime there is a TV on and I can here the sound from it. My brother says (after my brief silence), "Ha Ha! It's your brother Dave!" and then, at the PERFECT TIME, the TV says "Gotcha!"

It was incredible :)

And to top all that off, earlier that day I was thinking of calling one of my family members long distance but that it wouldn't be cool since the station would have to pay for it. Then I thought, hmmm, maybe I could give them the number here, that would work. But I didn't carry out my thoughts, I just thought them. And then out of the blue THIS SAME DAY, he called me. Very neat stuff. And this was after I did start clicking. :)

Dear Neil,
Greetings! I love your site keep up the great work! Anyway I would like to convey my experience with cloud busting with you for a moment. I thoroughly read through many of your articles and found cloud busting to be rather interesting. One day I was on a ferry boat on the way to visit my parents when I notice the fluffy white bodies drifting in the sky. With sunglasses on, eyes closed, I clicked my amygdalas forward and ran a few thoughts on how weird it would be if this cloud busting thing actually worked. Staring at a protruding part of a large stratus cloud I focused and imagined that part of the cloud breaking away and dissipating into the atmosphere. After about two minutes of staring and focusing, the part began to stretch and then break away. I merely dismissed it as coincidence and continued busting. Much to my amazement the cloud began to vaporize as I imagined it slowly fading away. before long the small cloud that broke away from the bigger stratus cloud was gone! I kept my feelings contained as the main cloud drifted out of sight. Later I began to feel concerned about destroying such a beautiful aspect of nature purely for an experiment. The rest of the trip I spent in remorse for the cloud and focused as hard as I can to create another one in its place.

Ever since then I can feel an expanding sensation within my head when I know I am using my frontal lobe. It feels like something is about to pop but just continues to expand. There is no pain or anything so I guess I'm on the right track! ^_^ Thanks for your Time!

Love the books and stuff. I'm glad that there is a lot of focus on spirituality/cosmic stuff, because most of my books are on metaphysics - I was hoping that the brain stuff wasn't going to be it.

On Lingo's interview, I laughed at the way he cut to the chase when the interviewer asked him where he was from and he kinda bellowed out: "Irrelevant!" A straight to the point kinda guy he was, that's great. And that whole dog conversation thing - I was on the way to my Dad's, giving my stepsister a ride, and the tape flipped over to side 1 when she got in the car. She didn't know what was going on.

Thanks a lot Steve ( in simi valley )

[Neil: I have to tell you-- I have had a couple of people who were INFURIATED when they heard me talking to my dog Tippy on the beginning of that album. They just didn't get it at all. Laugh people!!! Laugh!! I think its the best thing I have ever put on an album....... ]

Hey there Neil!!!!!!!!!!!!
This trick with making the amygdala and the frontal lobes glow with the energy of the universe is WONDERFUL!!!!! Holy macaroni!!! I can't believe how great it feels!! THIS, is what I was hoping for when I tried it the first time... (Just read that part that says it gets better and better as time goes on. Very true!!) It felt so very very good I moaned out loud both times!! It seems I can do this as much as I want to!! I've done it twice in the last 5 minutes!!! Oh my gosh! This is the best thing in the world!! Suddenly I'm not relying on going for drives down the strip to feel good. All I need to do is sit on the balcony and watch the crowds and planes and birds go by and read and think and contemplate! Holy cow, I have come up with so many many new ideas and thoughts!! I feel like a scientist or something!!!!! ahahaah!! Things aren't as big of a mystery as they were this morning!!! I've come up with ideas and solutions instantly with little effort! Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST AS GOOD AS YOU SAID IT WOULD BE!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! IT'S WORKING!!!! IT'S WORKING!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for writing this book and for sharing with us!!

I feel like it's Christmas times 1,000,000!!!! Woo hoo!!!! Thank you!!!
With great admiration and gratitude, :o) Lori

Dear Neil, Thank you!!!! I am so excited about your work and thank you for your years of dedication to this research and for bringing it all to light for the masses to utilize. As a young child I practiced "controlling" my dreams at night. At the age of 43 now, my dreams have now taken me into distant pasts and near futures. I have not been able to go any further than the year 2012 for whatever reason but do believe our world, not as we know it today, but with major climatic and geographic changes will and does continue on. My interest lies in time travel and was wondering what you have on this subject with relationship to accessing the brains latent powers? I have proof that I have indeed accessed certain past events and lives but how I have done this is still a mystery even to me. There is no doubt we all have this capability to time travel but would love to find the key to access it at will?...... I will be ordering your complete set of books and CD's soon and plan to read and explore all of it but wondered if you could tell me where to go first in all of the vast material you have? [NEIL: The FL Supercharge Book is always the first basic primer to read, in addition to the vast number of articles at the site.] Also, thank you for not being some greedy, asshole. I am so sick of seeing so much helpful information and alternative healing remedies out there that the average person, like myself, cannot afford to buy because the cost is prohibitive. These companies and individuals try to squeeze the consumer to the limit. Can't tell you how much it means to me that you are such the rare exception! Thank you sincerely for any and all info. you can provide. Hope to meet you some day and God bless,
Anita Albright

Mr.. Slade,
It was a pleasure listening to you on Art Bell Show last night. The special training that Dr. Dynamo Jack has may be similar to the Chinese Qigong.

In chapter 1 of "Back Pain -- Chinese Qigong for Healing and Prevention", Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming (doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University) explained the history and theory of Qigong in great details. He mentioned that the abdominal area is the storage of Qi/bioelectricity/electromotive force. He also wrote that the highest level of Qigong is to lead the Qi to the brain to nourish the pituitary gland for the production of growth hormone to effect anti-aging and longevity.

The most amazing Qigong master is Dr. Yan Xin. He is known as "the Miracle Doctor" who can emit Qi from his eyes to help people in the audience in his seminar/workshop. Presently more than 100 million people in China and all over the world are practicing the Yan Xin style Qigong daily. Every major University and city in the U.S. has a non-profit chapter. The UCLA chapter is currently offering a study program of 12 sessions for $30. Please read about Dr. Yan Xin at and other related sites.
Yours truly, David Yee


Hi Neil,
I very much enjoyed listening to you on Coast to Coast last night. I've heard you several times in that format, and I always look forward to your appearances. I remember a story you told (some years ago--I can't recall the specific details) about "nam yoho renge kyo" that gave me an eerie and pleasurable sense of connection to you and Art. My wife and I, at various times in our lives before we met, belonged to NSA, and the sense of the power of that chant remains alive for both of us.

I have your book, but unfortunately I haven't yet been able to click my amigdala forward. [NEIL: Please send me email so we can work out the details so that you may be successful in identifying and getting this process to work easily. I am always anxious to help those sincerely interested.] Still, I'm pleased to be part of your brain adventure network. You're doing great, planet-saving work that gives me some hope for the future.
Aloha, Andrew Mc Cullough

I just wanted to say ""WOW" to your site Neil, I have not even near going through it all. I just wanted you to know, it is so refreshing to see clearly someone on there path, the endless amount of energy this site takes is incredible, I FEEL LIKE I HAVE BEEN A SLEEP AND I AM A VERY HIGH ENERGY PERSON. Just a clear example when someone like your self finds there path and follows it ""FULLY WITH THERE HEART"" Thanks for the wake up, the inspiration, the knowledge and I have not even begun to do anything yet with the site, I CANNOT WAIT TO AWAKE MY BRAIN..MY PATH AND FOLLOW IT!!!! Thanks a bunch for being you and all you do
Loving and happy thoughts to you Evelyne

Love your books and music. Thanks for sharing this information with everyone! Michael Meyer

I just received your materials (Super Complete Brain Book and Music Set) and I have enjoyed your books and music immensely!- John Sever

Dear Neil:
I want to thank you for the quick service and all the goodies we got from you. Needless to say, my life has changed and is changing due to T.D. Lingo's and your work. I'm continuing to study the brain and teaching my wife about it and the amygdala. Also, lots of icebergs are coming up from my childhood. Dealing with those traumas are really common sense and making life a lot more peaceable and loving.

I know any day the big one is coming - again. Why? Because I've finally found someone or some group on this planet who has experienced the experience of clicking forward/popping the frontal lobes. I didn't know what was going on before when this happened to me. When I'd try to explain it to people they would look at me like I'm nuts. Not knowing what the experience was also brought fear about continuing to do it. That's why now that I'm studying the amygdala, the frontal lobes, the reptile, mammal, and primate brains, plus cleaning up the neurosis from the past - it all makes sense now and why/when this happened to me in the past. There are times when I'm reading your or T.D.A.'s work that I'm just on the edge of popping the big one.

Speaking of music, I really like your CD's. One group that we have always liked because of the complexity of their music was King Crimson. You ever get into them? I also included some humor I wrote below. I used one of the mandala pictures on your website. Hope you get a chuckle out of it. I better get back to looking like I'm working before one of my reptilian handlers (bosses) come by.
Keep up the great work, man! Thanks.
Your Friend, Dan Bailey

Hi Neil,
Recently my wife ordered the Complete Brain Book and Music Set for me which I received for Father's Day. (Actually I begged for and was allowed to get my hands on the Frontal Lobes book the day the package came.) Love it!!! Let me say this: I'm 50 and a former musician. I can remember when I was in high school and learned about "cloud busting" from some obscure book I had back then (I was always a little off-the-wall) -- but I had forgotten all about it...what a trip to read about it again. I KNOW it works cause I've done it in the past.

I think I've started to understand what forward clicking is....I think. More time will verify this for me. Read the Anti-rules book yesterday afternoon -- boy did I identify with what you said throughout. I'll probably be ordering another copy for my oldest son who has just started his teaching career -- in music! (Trumpet player like his dad.)

Thanks for some great work. I'll be working and enjoying this for many moons to come. Ray Fabre

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for your help in the matter. Looking over the materials I came to the conclusion that $13 is quite inexpensive for your manual. Thanks for putting the information first and the profit second!

Now let's see if I can get my dusty ol' frontal lobes up and cranking..

Thanks so much for your emails. You are such a wonderful example for me of thinking creatively and positively and using our whole brains. You are a reminder to keep conscious of the thinking processes and to visualize using my frontal lobes. I hope you are blessed beyond measure for your contribution. Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you again. Best regards, Linda Spankie

Dear Neil, Thanks, By the way, the new book is great. It's really got me excited.

Dear Mike, [Siegel] Last week on Ian Punnett's show, Neil Slade was on and it was a really terrific show. It would be REALLY GREAT if you would have him on your show too. I've heard him before when Art had him on and it's ALWAYS such a powerful show, especially if we get to do group "brain adventures." This time Ian played some of Neil's brain music, which I intend to order. Please consider doing a show with Neil soon. Thanks from a long time listener, "Sleepless in Santa Rosa"
Carole King

Hi Neil.
Have read your book, "The Frontal Lobe Supercharge" and have found it soooo interesting! Haven't mastered the great click yet but hope to someday soon. I I have come across a website that I think you'll find most interesting to say the least. It, too, deals with the brain in a most unique way in regards to some of the biblical stories and how they're connected to the construction of the brain. Now, to the point: Go to and for starters, scroll down to "You Are An Electrical Appliance."

Thanks for the note... enjoying your page and program on coast to coast the other night. Great stuff!!!
Laurie :-)

Dear Neil,
I really enjoy your emails and website. Must confess, I fell asleep before the program went off. We used to get reruns but now they have a couple silly guys on with sports chatter for several hours before Coast to Coast begins. People are too preoccupied with unimportant things instead of delving into the mysteries of our universe.

Hello Neil:
My name is William Arthur Gifford, I've really enjoy your books and music! I'll bet Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Simon & Garfunkel, and Neil Young have had great influence on you!!? Just wondering what you thought of the book - "Evolutions End". (I sent it about a year ago?)???????? [NEIL: GREAT STUFF- thank you thank you!] It(the book) talks alot about the same things Paul Lezchuk(T.D.Lingo) talked about........Take Care, ,br> Wag. Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dear Neil:
You are among the things I am thankful for. And thanks for the reminder to click my amygdala forward. Keep up the good work. One of your customers,
Apantha Elrod

Thanks to you for all your work in our behave. Do enjoy your messages. will keep the brain going forward as much as I can, it does sometime stands still or goes backward. Good to have you out there to says, it is easier when it goes forward, you guys. Hope you had a good day.

Hi Neil!
I am changing email addresses.... please send to from now on. THANKS A MILLION! Clickin' away and lovin' it! Marge DeVivo coordinator of p.s. I will unsubscribe from this address. Don't want to miss anything, though. Truth, Simplicity, Love, Service and Living on the Higher Path

Thanks so much! It's great to have this info. Also, when someone is copying a tape or CD there is a matter of intent that contributes an energy to the recording. It's important for the person making the recording to be in a good state or the pwerson receiving the recording is the recipient of something not so beneficial. Another reason not to download something for free. Just something to think about. I can't wait to get out and walk with my cheap sony earphones. Have a great day!

Hi Neil,
I'm so excited!! After reading your book "Supercharge Frontal Lobes" I had to contact you, are you an amygdala enigma?? This all seems too good to be true and I absolutly love it. Thank you so much for sharing this information, I am well on my way to clicking forward into the awareness to all that is.
Blessed Be Roberta

Hi Neil,
I don't know whether it's the result of my brain exercises - I'd like to think so. Yesterday, while sun bathing a bird landed on a fence in front of me. I held up my right hand and imagined a field of energy emanating from my hand to the bird. In my past experiences the birds usually just flew away but this time it walked back and forth on the fence several times. I know this sounds odd but it was like the bird was auditioning for me. It preened its feathers in a most precise and efficient manner. At one point for a period of about a second it displayed a level of awareness that simply had me amazed. It finally got distracted by some other birds and left the top of the fence. I also had my first success with "cloud busting" a couple of months back since I saw it in your book. Yes - it does work. Proof that backs up other things that I've read that the cells of the body act as both a receiver and a projector. To me proof is anything I've personally experienced and "seen" for myself. Well, that's all I have for now. Keep in touch.
Your fellow brain enthusiast, Mahalo.

Hello! Hello! I just completed The Supercharge Book and absolutely loved it. The reference towards the end to Carlos Casteneda's "seeing" technique really cleared up alot for me. (I've been trying to make heads or tails or sides or fronts of his work for years.) One thing I've really noticed since I began clicking is the intensity and wonder of my dreams has increased tremendously. There are some nights that I don't feel like I've slept at all; it just seems that I've travelled to so many places and did so many things in one night that I must have been asleep for two or maybe three nights! (Another thing I noticed is my rambling, run-on sentences...oh, wait, I've always had those. Dang.) Anyway, I just received Brain Magic and I can't wait to get started! Thank you so much for you're truly incredible work! (I'm using alot more exclamation points these days!)
Scot Kaitanowski

Hi Neil, make a long stoy short, Haven't bought any books, listen to you an Art Bell (only for a sec). Have read a little on your website. I fooled around with "tickling the lobes" two days ago. It was so hot, and dry here, we needed rain. I pictured the rain coming down, and the dark loominous clouds above. It did not work. Well, today we had two storm fronts move in, didn't find out how much rain we got, but it snowed in the higher elevations and yesterday the temperature was in the 90's today it barely (if at all) hit 70. I don't know for sure if this was just coincindence or not, but the weather I was listening to here didn't say anything about changes in the weather until after that experiment. I will experiment some more, and let you know what happens.
Thanks for your time and experiences. Duane

I've been following you for a while, and I had to laugh when I read the wart removal story this morning. My son, Ryan, was battling 3 warts on the bottom of his feet (plantar warts) for a good nine months this school year (2000-2001). It was so bad that he couldn't play baseball because it was painful to run! Ryan was quite discouraged, as was I. We regularly treated the warts with a topical salicylic acid (over the counter treatment), but they remained, and a new one was cropping up. One evening after a dinner-theatre production, there were several psychics and tarot card readers in the ante-room where we gathered. Ryan asked if he could go - which we just don't do, but for entertainment purposes, I let Ryan go. He had a private reading where he was allowed to ask three questions. One of those questions was "When will my warts go away?" - obviously more important than "Will I be a millionaire?" to Ryan! Ryan spoke of nothing else that evening, except that the card-reader said they would be gone very, very soon.

Ryan was so excited - he checked his feet out that evening before going to bed and said "goodbye" to his warts. I didn't denounce what the reader had said, because in the back of mind I believed he needed some positive thinking to help him through this. But I wasn't ready for the results achieved. I kid you not, the next day they were gone! They had fallen off and his feet like scabs (in his bedsheets) and his feet looked perfectly healed, as if they had never been there! He woke up and was not surprised at all. I didn't connect it at the time, but I am certain that because someone he wanted to believe in told him so, he probably unconsciously clicked forward and helped the process along!

We are going to get your books and work on this! I love it! Thanks, Neil - keep up the good work.
Karen Perea, Paralegal

Greetings Neil!
I needed a break from the chaotic schedule I've been lately keeping, so decided to chill out at the computer and send you a note. How's everything going with you?

I have some news from the Gomang monestary in Ladark, India which actually involves both of us. Geshe-la, (the monk I told you about who blessed my clinic last Fall and who has continued to e-mail me regularly since he returned to India,) seems to have taken me "under his wing," so to speak, and really wants to see us (you and me and all the people surrounding us) succeed. Well anyway, he wishes us all the best with our research project, maybe because he's a monk and intrigued with western mind-science research, or maybe just because he cares. Sooo.... in order to bestow the most powerful blessing possible upon us, he had the ENTIRE monestary pray for us on Monday, June 6, 2001. (There's another "6"!) It's called a Tara Puja -- 1500 monks praying all day for us!! But, it doesn't end there... I received a message from him yesterday saying that the monks extended the prayer for two days (so they could conclude it on June 7th, lord Buddha's birthday.) According to Geshe-la, Ladark has been deluged with rain and storms every day for over a month. As soon as they started the Puja on Monday, the sun came out, and it remained beautiful and peaceful for the duration of the Puja. Even the monks were in awe. (Hope you're OK with sittting back, enjoying the ride, and being open to receive miracles. I would have told you about it sooner, but this kind-of all fell together at once.Well, click forward, and here we go....)

Hey, go ahead and tell Fred if you want. Since he's your friend, I would imagine he's indirectly a part of this, too.... For that matter, add in everyone and everything in the universe, since we're all connected at some level. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we have friends on the other side of the globe who care for us very much and are in support of all the good things we can do for our fellow man. As Geshe-la says, "look beyond other's opinions of you as long as you know your path is of the Dharma, and your motivations are pure."

Thanks for always being supportive and patient with me. I'll soon be through these challenging things with my business, and I know we'll be successful with this research. Guess nothing in life comes without a challenge, huh? Hope all is going well for you. Enjoy the evening.... and savor whatever success may come your way.

As always, best wishes, Glenda [NEIL: This woman is a doctor with three medical degrees, and is heading up the new amygdala research project grant]

I did your pen energy flow FANTASTIC. I made into a self drama trauma. I have had some experience with this type of writing but have never applied it in this fashion. I find this easier then self trauma drama because my visualization skills are not the best. After I finished with the writing, I felt spent but not a bad spent. Like something was released.

Once I wake up and the sleep grogginess leaves my head....I feel the sensations in the front of my head....clicked in automatically. I don't need to tickle my amygdalla with the feather anymore and I will stay this way until I fall asleep.

Today after the pen energy there was a major increase in sensations in my head and at times the amygdalla area was almost pulsing. It almost feels like something is going to burst. I have been having fun with it and flashing my mind with a mental image of a dam bursting with all its water spewing out. What do these intense feelings mean...these feelings of something bursting.....what do you suggest? [NEIL: Keep it up!!]
metta mike

Neil, I was unable to catch you on coast to coast but managed to check out your web site and I have to tell you what a wonderful site it is! It's among my favorites and I visit it almost daily now. I do have a question: Which book would be the best to order first? If I could I'd order the entire set but due to a sudden influx of medical bills I can only order one at this time. Also, do you hold retreats or seminars? Thank you for your time and one really great website!

Hi Neil
I recently bought frontal lobes and brain magic......really great books. I have been using your techniques for about 7 days now. I have not had any mind blowing experiences but rather subtle changes. I haven't experienced any so called clicking however I do have rather intense sensations in both my temple areas and around my forehead. I have experienced these same sensations during sitting mediation. With your methods I can experience these sensations my entire waking time effortlessly.
-Mike [NEIL: Perfect-- you ARE clicking. Clicking is just my term for brain self-control, moving from reactive non-creative processing into frontal lobes controlled thought. "Popping your frontals" is the intense feedback that occurs from a big leap/change in perspective/problem solving-- thus the "!POP!" (Eureka, that kind of emotional thing]

[NEIL: submitted by a web visitor]

Dalai Lama contemplates UW brain research

MADISON (AP) -- Surrounded by Western scientists, the Dalai Lama reflected Tuesday on the nature of emotion and the possibility of using the scientific study of meditation to create a happier society. The Tibetan spiritual leader met with reporters after visiting a University of Wisconsin research facility. He described the scientific research on the brain as "remarkable" and said it could validate the Buddhist belief that people can use meditation to control their emotions. "You can change your brain and change your behavior," the Dalai Lama said. "It is our basic right to be a happy person and happy family and eventually a happy world." The Dalai Lama was in Madison for the ninth international Mind and Life Conference, a collaboration among the Dalai Lama and Western scientists who study emotions and the brain. "We're interested in specific practices and techniques for the betterment of mankind and to understand how changes in the brain and the body may promote better physical and mental health," said UW psychology and psychiatry professor Richard Davidson. The Dalai Lama spent Monday and Tuesday visiting the UW-Madison's new $10 million Keck Laboratory for Functional Brain Imaging and Behavior before heading to Washington to meet with Secretary of State Colin Powell and President Bush. The Keck facility is one of the few in the world that combines key technologies for studying neurological changes, including functional magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography. The MRI scanner, powered by a 16-ton magnet, shows different parts of the brain as it processes emotions and external information. PET measures chemical activity in the brain, using radioactive tracers created in the laboratory's own accelerator. The Dalai Lama said he was particularly impressed with the university's PET equipment and a room where university workers make tools they can't buy elsewhere, "screwdrivers and everything." Researchers are using technology to test the theory that meditation produces some of the same neurological responses as happiness, and can help people control the way they feel. "We perceive emotions as taking us over and yet it does appear ... that certain types of meditative practices do give you a choice about whether or not you will have an emotion and what emotion you will have," said Professor Paul Ekman of the Human Interaction Laboratory at the University of California Medical School in San Francisco. Scientists at the conference ran neurological tests on French molecular biologist and Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard to see if the effects of meditation could be detected in his brain. "I was very happy to find that it was more or less intact," Ricard said. The results of the tests are still preliminary, Davidson said. The conference was organized by Davidson and cosponsored by the HealthEmotions Research Institute and the Mind and Life Institute of Boulder, Colo. Researchers said the collaboration could help produce practical results, such as using meditative practices to expand people's attention spans and make them happier. In the same vein, Buddhists could use the scientific research to develop better ways to train their minds, the Dalai Lama said. But he added that there is a limit to scientific possibilities. "Scientists, no matter how great, cannot prove nirvana," he said. "That is our business."

I just started reading your book today. Awesome. I was doing the exercise #2 where you channel the energy through your body & fingertips etc. After doing the exercise I went inside our house and I gave the doorknob a hock. Please remember that I live in Georgia and its humid here. Was that from the exercise? I hope so, the books cool.
Thanks Again Justin


Dear Neil,
First, I thank you for your fantastic website. Very nice. I have recently started using your presentation of brain information to help me get started in the morning before I venture into the nether world of human occupations. Your website + a cup of coffee work well to get me going.

The subject of this email is about a phenomenon that has developed over the past few months. My wife and I are amazed and a bit concerned. It is simply the most inexplicable thing we have ever witnessed. One evening a few months ago my guitar strummed itself. Loudly. The phenomenon happened again just the other night, at our daughter's home. She and her husband have several guitars. While my wife was alone in the living room, where the guitars are kept, one strummed itself.

With your advanced understanding of things that go brain, have you ever seen this or heard of this happening? We would appreciate you comments.

Thanks, again. Craig and Meybel

Something very freaky happened today! I walked into my office (a Pool Construction company) and I'm NOT kidding you, a door came crashing off it's hinge and almost hit the receptionist! She said to me "what did you do! ? I answered "I walked in, that's it!" My goodness it was bizzare.

And then another thing (very strange) happened within minutes. Her small fan came crashing to the floor and broke (I think she did that, bumped it or something). But what is wierd is this. About a week earlier BOTH our large fans in our place stopped working within 24 hours of each other. Am I causing all of this by clicking/popping my amygdala? [NEIL: Quite probable. I've heard of stranger things than this....]

Thanks (It's ALL totally the truth, no joking).

Mr. Slade,
Last Thursday I woke up in the middle of the night and turned on Art to hear you talking about the amygdala. I didn't know that was where my psychic abilities originate. I checked to see both left and right were on and felt the pulsing/throbbing in my frontal lobe before you mentioned that would happen. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient but sometimes it doesn't come through clearly so maybe both sides are not on. I am hoping this tip will help me to control it by enabling me to ensure both sides are in the on position and maybe I can learn to turn it off when I want to because it is exhausting.
S McDonald

Hey Neil!
I'm 16, one of your younger brain explorers I guess. Anyway, on Wedesday I had an interesting experience with the amygdala clicking. It was first period and I had a Spanish test I had failed to practice for(me and my terrible memory:-). The teacher gave us 20 minutes to study for it. I decided to take a chance. I had known the information in the past, but had just consciously forgoten it. So for the full 20 minutes, the did the amygdala visualization exercise off and on until the teacher said, "Clear everything from your desk". As soon as I started taking the test, I suddenly remembered everything and my mind was completely clear. I haven't gotten the test back yet, but I'm sure I aced it. Just thought I'd share my experience with you.
Adios Senor Slade, estas gracias para escuchas. --Nick H.

Hi Neil -
Received the package (maybe last week??) Anyway, I have read 3 of the books and just now made a cloud disappear!! The music is quite interesting, I enjoy the piano one the best. I love this!! I am reading "Conversations" and wish I'd have found you all in Colo. back in the late 70 s, 80 s. I have done many things, shamanic journeying, one of the things. But this is even another step, and I look forward to doing the daily exercises.

I am studying for a class, (and tests) and am finding the (forward amygdala) very helpful with mood, self assurance, and --using the concepts in the beginning of Have Fun--- I seem to be retaining as I go step by step. And it is fun!! Thanks so much!!

Oh yes, in a couple of weeks I am going to Hawaii to swim with Dolphins. They are going to be down there saying "we have one with us who knows about clicking her amygdalas!!!" I will let you know how it goes.
Hugs, Cristina Christensen/Arizona

Thank you so much.
I have a story about your clicking forward program. In 1984 I had lost a love one and I was {silly} but I was trying to send him messages and I would visualize him and concentrated intensely on the third eye. I did this for night after night. I started to have dreams that came true. For two years, Not a few but every night. It scared me to death. I would tell my mom each dream and we would marvel at it. I would tell her before the event happened, air plane crashed, deaths, building collapsing, ect. But I was terrible afraid that there was something wrong with me, possessed or something. I would have them in the morn , I would sleep in, like your book says, I have always been a lucid dreamer also. I also had the POP forward but it came twice upon awaking from the click forward the night before. I had never put the intense concentration of the third eye and my dreams before. Thanks, I know thanks to you, there is nothing wrong with me. I got so scared really frightened that I asked god to take the dreams away and he did for a while, at least I was not having them ever night. I also at the same time stopped clicking forward the third eye exercise had also kept a dream book , like you stated by my bed at night , even before my dreams came true. That is why I knew and remember the dreams. Although most were impossible to forget. I still have dreams that come true but just once in a while, things like the Oklahoma bombing. But NOW I am not afraid and I am clicking forward and know I will be having dreams that come true again faster than most because the circuits are already there. I know you are not interested much in this , but it helped me to tell you. I never tell anyone except my family who all know about and believe in my dreams. Thanks...I am here in Kansas not far from you. It goes with out saying that you made a big impact on my life just knowing this is normal.
I appreciate the tape offer!
Thanks again Linda K.

I got your brain book just before Christmas and have been trying to click my amygdala forward ever since. I wasn't sure if it was working until I noticed something. I must explain something first: I am a red light guy. What is that you may ask? Well, there are two kinds of people in this world: some hit all the red lights in traffic and others get all the green lights. haha -- I am not joking. All my life, if a light is there, it will turn red by the time I get to the interesection. But suddenly, I noticed that I was cruising through intersections that for years, I have waited and waited and waited some more for the myriad lights to change. I even commented to my wife one day "Boy, I have never ever gotten this light before." Neil, yesterday as I drove around town, (and I live in a major metropolitan area that is densley populated) I got 14 green lights in a row!!! And today, while not getting all the greens, on my way to work I sailed through the interestion with the triple set of lights that if, on a rare day, I get them green, it saves my 5-7 minutes. This is weird. Is it my brain popping that has put me in a different cosmic lane -- the fast lane?
I think it might be so.
Jim Wolf

Wow, I am so grateful to you for all the work you and T.D. Lingo have done. I bought myself the book/cd combination with all 5 books. I began the first one on Tuesday night. I finished it today. Yesterday my husband said "Why are you acting so weird?" I knew it was working. Then we got back to our building and we were waiting for the elevator. Out of the blue, I asked my husband if this one lady we used to be friends with still lived in our building because I had not seen her for a long time. When the elevator doors opened, she was the first to walk out. My husband's eyes about popped out of his head. I said, "Pretty cool, huh?" Not bad for my first day of clicking. I realized, after reading the first book that I have been using my frontal lobes a great deal already. I have had 3 major experiences in my life - days where I felt unconditional love for everyone - nothing could bring me down. I realized previously that these were glimpses of "cosmic consciousness," but they always went away. For the most part I am always happy, but not that happy. Now I realize that I can control these ecstatic moments. For the past two days I have experienced bliss. I am calm, happy, energetic, and love the world!! Thank you so much for making me see that I can control this feeling. I don't have to wait for it to happen. I can't wait to see what the future will bring!
God Bless!! Sara Iglesias

I want to tell you about an expeirience me and my friend had. He came over today and we talked about cloudbusting. But insted of making them go away , we wanted to make one appear. We played yourr cliking music and started consatrating. In about 5 min we were clicked and we started forming the cloud. And it worked! While we were doing this , we noticed houndreds of little white dots moving around in front of our eyes , almost like in a dance or pattern. Every time we have clicked our amygdalas we have noticed this. We were woundering if you know anything about this or if any one has had the same expeience. Thanks for your time and help. [NEIL: Yes, friends and I have had exactly the same visual phenomenon happen at the same time. And it is NOT those little specs you sometimes see inside your eyeballs. This is distinctly an exterior event happening outside in the sky. Wilhelm Reich has written about this, and his definition is "orgone energy" visible in the Atmosphere. I don't know exactly what it is, but it's out there.]
All the best Alex J. & Chris P.

Hi Neil,
I am always pleased to hear of your night time excursions into the realm of mind and spirit. I myself have been having them for years as you already Know. But, the other night, or morning as it were. I experienced an entirely new set of circumstances as did my beloved wife. She was having an Out of Body Experience. Not unusual I know for forward clickers, BUT, I was lying in bed with her physical body next to me and awoke to see her spirit standing on my side of the bed looking down at me. I of course was startled, but then realised what and who I was looking at. When I recognised her she smiled down at me and then proceeded to float above our bed and then back down into herself. At the moment of spiritual/physical reunification, she rustled a bit as if to realign herself then settled down. Not more than 30 seconds later Neil, her alarm went off and she shut it off and went back to sleep. Subcontiously her spirit knew the alarm was about to go off and wanted to be near to shut it off. When I asked Promis if she remembered anything unusual about her sleep that night, she only reported restlesness. Of course I know full well what an active night time spirit excursion can do . Thanks for allowing me to share Neil.
Your Friend And Fellow Brain Explorer Kevin Allen Cotter

I was clicking during class while we were looking at some slides of country sides when all of the sudden my forehead felt really wired. It popped almost. I read about frontal lobe popping. I also think i read something about how there are little ones to. When you describe the pop , it sounds to big to be what i had. Yet something did happen. Let me describe it. I felt almost like i was being tickled. It was were the third eye is supposed to be. It felt like a spike of moving energy was coming out of my forehead. It was a good feeling , but a new one. Do you think this is the frontal lobe pop you talk about , or something on the way to having a frontal lobe pop. I can't thank you enough for either the books or your time. This stuff just plain amazes me. Earlier today, I was heading out of my apartment, when the phone rang. That annoys me, and I guess I clicked backward for a second, because I started to get angry. But I took a deep breath, and thought, "Dude, click your amygdala!", and clicked my amygdala all the way to the phone. Answered it with a smile on my face.

I should've paid attention to this a lot earlier, because I might have saved myself tons of grief and hardship. I learned from a friend how to click my amygdala , and since that weekend it has been nothing but fun. I read about cloudbusting and i thought , why only with clouds? So i decided to try some expiriments. I went to school and focused on making some ones chin itchy. I won't have any harmful effect , and it won't get in the way , so i tried it. I was amazed. In less the 3 min. they were scratching right in the spot i focused on. then i sat an observed if he scratches any other place. or if he scratches a lot. he never touched his chin again. so i decided to wait a few days and note on if he scratches himself or anything of the manner. He seemed to not get itchy at all. so i tried it again but in a different spot. I tried his ear. In even less time he scratched it in the exact spot i was focused on. I tried it with many other people. all with the same results. i can't wait to try cloudbusting. right now it is so dark and cloudy i'm afraid it wouldn't work , so i'm waiting for a nice sunny day. I also clicked before i went to sleep like it said on your site. and i had the greatest dream. it was full of love and happiness. I really want to get all your books but am a little short on money, so i'll have to wait.
All the best Alex J.

I heard you on Art Bell, years ago, but back then, I was more interested in trying to exterminate hordes of brain cells, than in exercising my brain. But your statement in the Supercharge book, that we might not have a finite number of brain cells gives people like myself some hope.

Christopher Brannon

Hi there!
I've been clicking for about a year now, and have pretty much gotten used to the upward swing my entire life has taken, but this one just blew me away! I gave a friend of mine a $300 check to cover her rent...I really didn't have $300 extra dollars to give her, but I clicked before I ultimately decided to give it to her or not, and it came to me to just trust the law of Universal Abundance, so I gave it to her. Two days later, I got a completely unexpected Achievement Award at work and a bonus check of $500, which, after taxes came to exactly $302!
love, Cat!

Some of the Brain-investigators
My want to explore the effect of clicking the amygdala under water. Dolphins use a clicking sound to drive their underwater sonar. I have been able to use my clicking amygala to locate the wall of my swimming pool from about 4 feet away !! Further, with a simple code of one click meaning "yes" and two meaning " no ", I have been able to communicate the answer to yes/no questions underwater to some one else who can hear the clicking. Rude elementary telepathy ?? Wonder what the others may find.

Bill James

I've meant to get back to you sooner than this, the end of the semester here kinda got in the way. Since I e-mailed you last, I have had intermittent "pops"(I put that in lower case, because I don't think they were as significant as a "POP" would be, I'm not complaining though!).

I've even heard "clicks" in my head. The first time I thought my jaw was popping. The second time, however, the click came from a part of my head that simply shouldn't have clicked, because, before this, there weren't any moving parts there.

I'm going to make a greater effort to work on this "clicking" technique. To be honest, I didn't put much stock in it until I "POPPED!" looking at the "double atom" thingy on your web site.

I think that learning this technique will be a "gateway" to learning other "mind expansion" techniques as well. I think that the "clicking" will be easier to learn than these other techniques.

Thanks - Mark

Hi Neil!
I am using my frontal lobes to move foward to success and hapiness. I would like to thank you so much for sharing this information privately to the Art Bell listeners and fans of you. You are a divine inspiration and have given me the award of the year. You should sell this stuff for alot more. I have been interested in the brain for a long time and wondered how it functioned. I knew that the paranormal was real and could be accomplished. You offer so much information on your website. I have not managed to click my admagala yet, but taping into the frontal lobes is enough. I even bought my own course and will be applying it. When you come out with another book, you can count on me purchasing it. Keep on with the good work, and I will see you at the note pad.
Love a Friend

Hey there Neil!!!!!!!!!!!!
This trick with making the amygdala and the frontal lobes glow with the energy of the universe is WONDERFUL!!!!! Holy macaroni!!! I can't believe how great it feels!! THIS, is what I was hoping for when I tried it the first time... (Just read that part that says it gets better and better as time goes on. Very true!!) It felt so very very good I moaned out loud both times!! It seems I can do this as much as I want to!! I've done it twice in the last 5 minutes!!! Oh my gosh! This is the best thing in the world!! Suddenly I'm not relying on going for drives down the strip to feel good. All I need to do is sit on the balcony and watch the crowds and planes and birds go by and read and think and contemplate! Holy cow, I have come up with so many many new ideas and thoughts!! I feel like a scientist or something!!!!! ahahaah!! Things aren't as big of a mystery as they were this morning!!! I've come up with ideas and solutions instantly with little effort! Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST AS GOOD AS YOU SAID IT WOULD BE!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! IT'S WORKING!!!! IT'S WORKING!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for writing this book and for sharing with us!!

I feel like it's Christmas times 1,000,000!!!! Woo hoo!!!! Thank you!!!
With great admiration and gratitude, :o) Lori **************************************************************

Mr. Slade,
Got totally absorbed in your website, and before I realized it, 4 hrs had passed! I was cracking up reading your description of the quality of music -- a bit cynical, now, aren't we? -- especially about 3* musicians! (Ha! Ha!) I'd have to agree with you, though. But, Yanni... class #3? Hmmm, I'd say class #4. I mean, think about it. He definitely uses more than 4/4 time, and he seems so dedicated to his music, I bet he would play regardless of financial return. (Maybe I'm wrong.) Anyway, his violinist does some pretty good cadenzas, don't ya think? Speaking of music, I love your tapes! Great flute parts! (Of course, I'm a bit partial... I play the flute.)

Now, for what I was going to tell you, before I digressed above: I was giving a talk to a regional nurses association meeting on Saturday about pain management. (I'm an MD, Anesthesiologist by background, with a subspeciality Board certification in chronic pain management, and now practicing 100% chronic pain management in my own clinic.) Anyway, I have given this talk to many different groups of Family Practice docs, Internists, Med students, etc., but my challenge has always been to cover a VERY broad topic in less than an hour, yet make it clear, simple, and easy to understand. About 3:30AM Saturday (5 hrs before I was supposed to be giving the talk,) I was molling over 100's of slides, barely able to stay awake, trying to come up with a better organization to my presentation -- just too much material, too complicated. Then, in the midst of my frustration, I cupped my forehead in my hands, propped up with my elbows on the table -- my slides in a state of entropy. "How can I make this understandable to EVERYONE in the audience?"... Then, out the blue... BAM! It hit me! (And, I wasn't even thinking about clicking my amygdalae, my frontal lobes, or anything about neural synapses! I guess I had done that enough over the past couple weeks to get a few circuits open.) I grabbed a pen and started scribbling out a chart -- almost like I was out of my body with enlightenment -- (or maybe it was just sleep deprivation!) Whatever it was, within about ten minutes, I had come up with a chart on ONE PAGE that outlined everything about chronic pain management from the functional definition of pain, history & physical exam of the patient, differential diagnosis, and all forms of treatment ranging from alternative medical therapies to nutrition to physical therapy/rehab to herbal & pharmaceutical meds to nerve blocks to implantable electrical spinal cord and brain stimlators to psychotherapy, hypnosis, and positive thought.

I delivered the talk in 50 minutes with concise clarity, and the audience DID understand! I even had time in the middle of the presentation to take the audience through an experiential exercise (about two minutes long) to demonstrate the power of positive thought. Afterward, people were coming up to me telling me that it was the best and clearest talk they had ever heard on the subject. What's more, one nurse told me that the experiential exercise had been so impactful for her, she was going to change the way she interacted with pain patients from now on.

Interestingly, in the middle of the talk, when I was speaking about the power of thought, I just started blurting out things about opening channels in the anterior amygdala and "clicking forward." I referred to T.D. Lingo's research and your website for more info. (I know that a little knowledge can be dangerous, so I didn't get into any detail about what's in your books. I simply referred them to your website. At this stage of my education, I know I'm only starting to scratch the surface of what you've mastered, and I hope someday I will have mastered the techniques well enough to teach my patients how to do the same!) I hope it's O.K. with you that I did this. In fact, I'm going to be giving the same talk to another group of people June 17th, so please tell me if it's not.

Oh my goodness, here it is 3:30AM Monday morning, and I'm still in the Dr's lounge at the hospital pecking on keys! Better go home and get to bed! I have a case at 7:00AM. Catch ya later! And, thanks again for everything!
Glenda Planz

You're welcome! You are doing great work. The system is different yet very approachable for those who are curious yet don't have the time to get into other types of paranormal exercises, that might take more discipline than they are willing to put out. I have already purchased 2 of your books and everything works as you say. I have incorporated some of the techniques to enhance what I already do and I recommend your site to any of my friends who may be interested in this. Keep up the good work
Vic Borowiec
You may use this for publication if you wish in any way if you think it would help.

Dear Neil,
I do this thing.. Where i'll make myself shudder internally.. It comes from my brain somewhere and runs down my spine. It feels great.. I do it to feel good, and I also do it... you're gonna think i'm an idiot, but I use it to connect to the internet at higher speeds. I also use it to get better reception from the radio... I've heard my brain go pop a few times... The first actually engulfing experience was with LSD in 1995.. My world has never been the same since. I don't need the LSD to do it anymore.. (I did it that way for awhile, now I don't do LSD much.. Well I haven't done it in the past 8 months..) Another thing.. I make the modem download faster.. I concentrate on it, and focus, and I actually speak out loud.. "go faster... you will go faster..." over and over again, and slowly but surely It's up to where I want it to be, no more no less.. (however when my concentration breaks, fluctuations occur) The last time I heard my brain pop, was after I had gotten into a car wreck... I didn't feel sore, but by the next morning my back was tore up.. And still is.. I went to the hospital, they gave me muscle relaxers.. I took one. I was sitting there, and suddenly. I heard this ringing coming from around me, enter my head and it went "ping" and suddenly I had a severe head change... I didn't feel drugged.. I felt like something bad had happened to me, but I couldn't figure out what. Oh yeah, another thing.. I have a killer memory.. I forget nothing.Anyhow, I agree with you.... The brain is all the power you'll ever need... No computer could ever out power or out perform the brain... With the keys to the brains mystery being unraveled, no machine could stand a chance against the powers of the unchained mind.


After six weeks of practice I have managed to click my Amygdala just once. For that 6 week period I seriously doubted your description of the process. Because of the language you used -words like KABOOM etc I thought perhaps you were exaggerating and had read just too many Batman Comics when younger.

Astonished when it finally happened I find your description suprisingly accurate. Indeed in my own head I did experience an audible two syllable sound which could only be described as KABOOM or KABANG. The transcendant effect lasted for more than twenty hours.
Steve B.

[NEIL: Brain Synchronicity Sound- Hypothesis:

Did you ever hear a sound inside your head that sounded REAL but you know it was inside your head?

This is the sound of neurotransmitters all firing in a synchronous pattern, like a sonic boom inside your head. It's the sound of your amygdala firing- either deliberately or non deliberately.

Now-when a group of brains, that are naturally un-synchronous activity with other brains suddenly synch up-a very rare event not unlike the lining up of the planets-they will simultaneously perceive and emit a telepathically shared internal/external signal that sounds not unlike a gigantic sonic boom-with no airplane in sight.]


Many times when I am about to go to sleep, I play around with this "click" I sometimes hear a loud bang that is loud enough to scare me awake. My wife is usually in the other room when this happens (I work nights so we generally sleep at different times) and I've asked her what the bang was. She replies what bang. I have had this happen when I home alone also so I know she isn't making it. Hehe. Is this noise part of the process or is it something else. Hope you have some insight
Thanks, Chuck Lane

I had my first big brain POP this afternoon.............if it gets any better than this, I'm going to pop and cover the universe with love......, like a raspberry that's exploded and sent red good stuff all over. Got the books last Friday.......... tickle little amygdala (sounds vaguely obscene, doesn't it?) works best for me, better than "throwing the switch" forward. Thanks for your guidance on this...this morning I honestly feel like I have a mental hangover.....that my amygdala are a little bit "raw" and would like to be treated very gently and kindly today, if you please.
I'm going to honor that and allow myself to go gently today..... So...I really get what you're saying about not pushing or forcing has to do with continuing to use the technique, doing things gently......and enjoying the process of growth, rather than focusing exclusively on the result intended.

Sounds a lot like the process I use as a coach in working with clients.......when they're pushing, forcing or focused exclusively on the result they want, it's like playing golf with the scorecard constantly in their face....toooo focused on the score, not enough on enjoying the process of playing.

Anyway, I can only describe what I experienced yesterday afternoon for several hours as a continuous mental orgasm....WOW!!!!! I was definitely playing on a much bigger playing field....and know I can and will again.

So, the mind favors, not just those who learn to click their amygdala....but those who also have the discipline and patience to continue tickling them...not for the Big Pops, but to further the process...and enjoy it.
Warmest regards, "Curious George" Copsey, PCC

I liked your satire. You can't please everybody. I also enjoyed the article on the Lotus. I enjoy your intelligence and your writing.
The Best Always

Dear Neil -
I am SO happy for you - you finally found that button I told you about!!!!!!!! Congrats, my dear. And remember that Latin phrase which I first saw many many years ago hanging on a chief petty officer's wall in his apartment - all done up in scrolly script and a beautiful frame - at first glance you would have thought it to be some fancy diploma - Illegitimis Non Carborundum ! ! ! I think I mentioned that to you once before, too. Have a blast - have fun - but don't let "them" get you down. "They" aren't worth the effort!!

Neil Slade wrote: > So, I guess I've learned the hard way, if someone throws verbal stones > at you----just delete.

Big Hugs, My Friend, Donna

There are some very hurtful people out there. I felt hurt by someone last week. Really nothing serious - just not included in a group affair. I was letting it get inside me. Then I started journaling (writing to myself), knowing that "Nothing out there can hurt me - only if I allow it to get inside of me and let it fester. I finally worked through it, and "let it go". Most people in my life are WONDERFUL, and how blessed I am to have them in my life. I am blessed to have you, and your wisdom in my life.
Thank you Neil. Love. Dorothy Lyans

Dear Neil,
Your email is such a lift in my day. I truly admire your ability to stay positive. Bought your stuff. Belong to Mensa. Can burst clouds. But, absolutely do not have your tenacity and stick to it ness. Sure wish I did, because I could probably do something worthwhile with the ol' brain. There is something so childish about sending anonymous ugly email, or even unanonymous. Because, who is going to traipse across the country to confront you. I really think this is a CONSIDER THE SOURCE kind of thing. Keep up the great work. You cheer up my days.
Thanks for the email Sherry Grandt

Mr. Slade,
this is my first response to your email which I always look forward to and enjoy. Congratulations on fulfilling your childhood dream. And although you probably knew the whole way what you discovered at the end it was a pleasure to read. I have very slowly been digesting my brain books. I love them for the simple truth I can discover about my own life and the peace that I can tap into when the world starts knocking on my nerves.
Thanks and keep on forward clicking, your student Robert

Dear Neil:

Just a few thoughts. It seems to me that people are just plain angry these days. They also don't want to take responsibility for the world that they have so capably (self) created. It is so much easier to blame someone else for our problems than to correct the faulty thinking that created the mess in the first place! Who better than to attack than very people who would help find them a solution. A real solution to their problems, for free, too. We all have our own solutions locked up in our beautiful frontal lobes. You have shown through your web site how to access these treasures. Just a "click" away. As Nike says "Just do it!".

I, personally, find your off the wall humor very entertaining. You are honest and lay out your information with a sense of style and fun. You can be serious, but yet you don't take yourself too serious. I appreciate the information you are trying to bring to everyone to help our world be a better place. It seems that our leaders could use a good dose of "frontal lobe douche"! Maybe then they could take their reptilian head out of their respective mammalian asses. (Can I use that word on the Internet?)

Anyway, just thought I would let you know what I think. This is the first email I have sent to anyone other than my family, but I just needed to let you know someone out here behind the glass screen appreciates what you are doing.
With much respect, Carol

For the love of God man, do not take me off the list. I bought your book about six months ago, I've read it three times, and can tell the difference in my attitude. I have always been a sort of mellow person, but after reading the book, it has really kept me on the control side of my life. Thanks for being there and for helping me stay in the "ZONE". L8R


Hey Neil,
I am just finishing "Supercharge" and I love it!! It seems the more I tell people about this amazing choice we have, click forward or click backward, I feel I am enhancing my own brain power. I enjoy explaining to people who I know will be skeptical about using our frontal lobes. I feel like I am giving out a secret that only a handful of people know about. But this is my point, nobody knows what our brains are capable of. Our brains' possibilities are endless. The more people who know what we are capable of the better our society will become. If everyone knew how to click forward, the world would be a better place.

Thank you for spreading this knowledge for anyone who wants to know about everything. I am going to start "Brain Magic" soon and I will let you know how it goes.
Cary Orefice, Malibu, CA

Greetings Neil!
I've been receiving your notes and have checked out the website several times. Although I haven't been able to afford to purchase your books, I did try and click my amygdala, and was very happily surprised to find that my mental attitude truly did improve...noticeably! I hope to be able to get your books one of these days, but times have been rough lately. I would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for the brain info and keep the mail coming!
Nancy Scott

I wanted to share my this mornings experience with you. My lucid dreams most often occur in the morning. I become conscious of both the dream I'm having and my body lying in bed. What is currently happening is my body is literaly humming- vibrating very fast and I can FEEL this. And if I am flying as was the case this morning the dual sensations are really wonderful. Just thought I'd share.....

I love and admire your work more than I can say. I'm going away for a few weeks and don't want to have 600 messages waiting to read- take me off your list till I get back please. Neil.... a wonderful holiday season to you and your beloveds.

Hi, Neil!
James and I love the "Frontal Lobes Supercharge" book SO MUCH that we decided to read it onto audiocassettes (for our own use in car! or while doing house-stuff!). We're dubbing you copies and sending them in next couple of days... Thanks for staying in touch and keeping it exciting!

Cait Wellsinger and James Napier [NEIL: James is a also Art Bell Guest]

Now this is my ideal way to lose weight. Smell all the great food I want and sit back!! Does this tie into your Amazing Brain theory? [NEIL: Good smells will help you stay positive and clicked forward-but try smells other than your favorite food!]

Hi Neal. I've been clicking away quite a bit since I received your books. I am very pleased with the results I've been getting. I always get a good feeling at at the start. I do have a question though. I'm getting some real strong jerking throughout my body as I'm clicking my amygdala. It's not uncomfortable but sometimes it quite strong throughout the spine from the base of the spine all the way to the top of my head. It feels almost like a electrical charge cursing through me. It usually feels pleasant. At what point will I get past the place of all this body jerking? It seems the jerking is getting more intense. And you are right about the sexual drive. I feel more virle and sexual than I did ate age 21, and I was born in 1930, so I guess age is just a number after all. Just a reminder I'm the fellow you talked to on the phone and I told you about the butterfly that I believed I healed that went skyward in a straight line and out of site. Will appreciate any response from you if you have time as I know you are very busy.
Thank you, Respectfully Bernie

[NEIL: Bernie- I'm always happy to hear of success!

This electric/physical sensation you are talking about sounds typical of the yogic "kundalini" rising, it is energy stored at the base of the spine (base lower consciousness), and as you get "enlightened" the energy moves higher up towards your "crown chakra" (cosmic consciousness) at the top of your head. I would suggest a book on yoga and chakras that addresses this, although, the experience itself is probably more direct than any verbal description.

My advice to you would be to just keep observing this phenomenon, it doesn't happen to everyone, and most people have to work years to get this kind of thing happening. It should pass as you learn to UTILIZE and channel this energy. Do something with it. It sounds like it's just bouncing around inside you and you need to focus on using it for a productive purpose. Move the energy up and OUT FORWARD through your frontal lobes- that will relieve any internal pressure. That's what you've got to do anyway, whether the energy is subtle or intense. Spread it around, give it back to the universe.]


Hey neil,
I hope you are doing well, I can't wait for the new site articles you've been talking of. real quick, when I'm clicking i get a tingling sensation on my temples and amygdala, sometimes this happens at random, and I always enjoy it. but sometimes, it is accompanied by the same sensation, right above my left eye, just a little bit to the left of where the traditional third eye would be. Sometimes it is also below my eye, like over top of my left sinus. does this correlate with a particular part of the frontal lobes? What do you think?
Doug Willten

[Neil: Amygdala clicking and results are not always even on both sides of the brain. concentrate on the side that seems out of balance.]


Thanx- your book is fascinating and well written.

I was just wondering, after doing these practices for awhile, do you become fully conscious of your amygdalas, and their energy flows and processes? [NEIL: Yes. You may also just let it happen and not be so concerned with physical sensations. I have not been particularly concerned with other regions you mention following.] Also, do other certain parts of the brain, like the pineal gland, corpus callosum, etc. light up, I assume like a pinball machine? Anyway, have a great day, and Y2K.
Frank Brown

Dear Neil,
First let me congratulate you with the wonderful work you have done: JUST LOVE IT ALL !!!!

THANKS a MILLION, I am looking forward to your reply so that i can order ASAP -just can't wait.
Yours truly, Peter Schade
PS: love your website: you did a great job there !!!!

(o o)
:-) Peter (-:


Neil, First off I must thank you once again for bringing this incredible information to the public eye. I have had an amazing series of events occur since starting down this path. One incredible thing has led to another. To start with, Brain science (as I call it)helped tremendously to help me heal my life. It was the proverbial snowball at the top of the mountain, so to speak. I had a rather serious drinking problem. Not as bad as some I've seen, but bad enough. If it was around, I would drink it. This was causing health problems, but I stubbornly clung to my addiction with the tenacity of a pitbull. It was through Brain science that I was able to realize the severity of my problem as well as open my mind enough to perceive the amazing circumstance that follows. On the night of Sept. 14 I was unable to make it to work (I work graveyard shift) and went to bed after my girl friend got home from work.(She works swing shift) At some point in the early morning hours, I was awakened by a very loud bell. It literally jolted me upright out of bed! I immediately got up to see if any one was at the door, but as I was looking it occurred to me that it was definately not the doorbell because it had been one long reverberating tone, not a "ding-dong". As I went back to bed I couldn't help but notice that my girl friend had not stirred a muscle. Well, the entire rest of the night was restless to say the least! I was semi consciously aware of many visions that were shown to me. I cannot remember them at all but I do vividly remember the feelings of being there, being shown these very important things. Then I felt as though I were awake (I cannot be sure if I was or not), and there were two entities present in the room.One, very tall, was at the foot of my bed, and the other was beside it. Now please understand, I can only recount as much of the message as I was prepared to receive. What I do remember is as vivid as typing this is now. I was told on no uncertain terms to quit drinking and get my life in order or else! The or else consisted of either a very serious illness or possibly even death. These visions took the entire rest of the night, to the best of my recollection. I do recall asking what I should do, since I obviously did not seem to have the will power myself to beat this. I was told "You've already been told what to do, call a hypnotist" In fact not more than two weeks prior to this, I had went to have my first tarot card reading. The lady was incredible, and amoung other thingsknew I had a drinking problem and said "They are screaming at you to quit"! She then advised that I call a hypnotist if I was sincere about getting help! She also said that she saw a trip on water for us.(You'll see why I mention this in a bit) Well as soon as I awoke the next morning I started calling hypnotists. It gave me the extra little boost I needed to beat this, and I haven't touched a drop since! I feel great and have quit taking both the zoloft and prilosec that I was on! Some time later I was talking to a good friend that was going through some hard times and she told me about an Angel reader here in town that described her deceased father to her and conveyed a message to her from him. My interest was piqued at this point and I couldn't get it out of my mind. Finally I called and made an appointment. It was absolutely astonishing! I asked many questions that she had know idea what I was talking about, but I knew if this was for real, "They would". They did, on every single count - bar none! By now you're probably wondering why I'm telling you this, well this is why... One of the questions I asked "them" was if the things I have been studying was what I should be studying to take me on the right path, in particular "Brain science". (She had no idea what I meant, and I offered no explanation other than "I think they'll know what I mean") The reply: "Oh yes, that feels good, yes , your on the right track." Later on she unknowingly made another remark referring to Brain science while they were telling me not to be discouraged if I have days when I don't feel progress and to be patient with myself.They said " There may be days when you feel down or even depressed, if there is anything you know to do to help you get out of this, by all means do it!" How's that for accolades from the universe! I realize that this may seem like it's a little much to some, but as god as my witness, what I have written here to you is true. Oh, by the way, about that trip, just now, while in the course of typing this I was interupted by the postman. Amoung the packages and letters was a cruise I have won to the Bahamas! No S---! I've never won anything before! Talk about synchronicity! There are many, many other wonderful and extremely exciting things happening for me now that I won't go into now, but I feel a special gratitude to you for your efforts that have helped me and innumerous others. The Light shines bright in your soul. --- If you can at some time fit it into your busy schedule to honor me with a reply it would be greatly appreciated. If you can't, know that alot of very positive waves are being sent your way!
Marty Rawson

Kava clicking amygdala These books have made a MAJOR difference in my life. I am immensely grateful for this information, I was a basket case, I am now really able to manage myself and become fully alive. -Surinder L.

Thanks for this web site.
I heard you on the Art Bell show. You have explained things that some of the Grand Masters of the Martial Arts can not. I have been putting out street lights at night while driving. I've been doing this for about 15 years and could not explain how. Also I can put the ones thats out on. All I do is click forward. You know it is alot easier to do things when you know how to do them. Thanks......I hope to meet you one day soon!
Bill Dixon


Hi, my name is Jess MacArthur. I just got your brain boost book. WOW. I'm very inteligent and very much a people person. yet Ive spent the last 6 years failing from one job/buisness to the next. It took aboten minutes reading your book to find out why. I wont go into too many details just now, but every time I started something new I'd click into brain dead survival mode.(not the best way to impress the boss first day on the job!) Last week I did some temp work to get some spare cash. As my duties were being explained I felt the old familiar clicback, recognized what was happening, and immediatly fixed it with my amygdalatickler. I did an excelent job and had a blast all day. This is too cool! I only heard you once on Arts show, and only about 5 minutes my wife and Ihave been fighting ovr your book since we got it. we're both into mind stuff. She has an intuition that constanly amazes (ceative spelling) us both.(however she seems to have troubl remembering how to pronouncebig words, somehow she ended up calling it her "amygdaglander"...anyway...) The possiblities presented by your book are awsome, yet they make perfect sense almost instantly when you start turning your brain on.(yeeee haw) I've always hanted to go on a grand adventure, I guess my own brain is a pretty good place to start. Thanks for your help. I'll keep you updated. next time I wont babble quite so much; anyway, talk to you soon,
Jess Macarthur ***********************************************************************

hey neal,
thanks for the update,my notebook had a problem last month , outa' touch for a while. wanted to type u a note to say when i click forward-u r right my dreams are awakened. i notice if i consciously forget to click forward, i don't even dream!!!! or do i not recognize the dream?? do we dream anyway?? i think we do, but not sure. anyway, when i do click going to bed, i dream!! just wanted to let u know this.your books and info are worth it just on this subject-ALONE!!!!! good job and thanks again , neal...
thanks Richard

thanks for your work. & replies and encouragement. it has also helped me out of depression. by realizing i can imagine my way out of it.
keep on keepin on....ddddd.

Good Day!
I was searching on sites pertaining to remote-viewing and I came across your interesting site. What really caught my attention was the video of the monkey taking a wiff of his/her own crap. So in essence the monkey is activating its amydala( backward/forward?) and watching this my amydala is functioning backwards momentarily. The same would be if I was to smell my neighbors trash! Actually this reminded me of an article I was reading a couple of years ago. It related to some govenment department (IRS or Commerce) getting personal items of its employees then officials bizarrly smelling the items. Now to make it function momentarily forward smell something that is appealing. Then the ability to activate functioning forward/backward at will and then syncronize both lobes creates this window of nirvanic positiveness or even clairvoyance. Well you'll probably be seeing me here occasionally browsing for information so thanks for the enlightenment and enjoyment! Great Day!
Sincerly, Cornelio

My GOD! This is truly unbelievable! After only a week because of clicking forward my entire world has improved. Even my "meditative- type" activities have intensified a thousand-fold! My GOD!,
Robert Blevins

dear neil...
i am so thankful for your brain teasers/magic etal. every day i am amazed by the completeness of the pro- cess that you have discovered and shared with all of us out here in barbarian land. every dream, hope, aspiration ive ever had is all of a sudden coming true as i write. i wont go into de- tail on this as it is all subjective as you well know but it is the most thrilling aspect of my life and im sure it has only just begun. i doubt that i know e- nough ways to thank-you for all the goodies that have been coming my way in the past months since i started clicking my amygdalas forward...just a little funny... i went to my chiropractor for an adjustment a while ago and while there i asked him if he knew what an amygdala the way he is also a neurologist and is or has just done his boards...and he said"what the f... do you think i am, im a neurologist for christ sake, of course i know what an amygdala is, how do you know what it is, and how do you even know how to pronounce it." i told him about you and he asked if i was into that amygdala clicking thing and i told him i was...and do you know what he said?...absolutely nothing...he didnt say another thing about it...just went hmph and dropped the subject...but i will say one thing...his eyebrows went up and told me that i dont fit any parameters for my age and i think hes abso- lutely amazed at the things that i do and i dont suffer any ill effects from any of im not on drugs and the things i do would take a few pages that ill spare you from at this time...suffice it to say he con- siders me an anomoly and hes thought that even before i ever heard of an amygdala. the clicking has just enhanced everything i do and im in the most spectacular high state ive ever been in, no more reptilian reac- tions for this guy. anyway, thanks again...i know im the one that bought the program...but if you hadnt put it into books for all of us out here...well i shudder to think of the barrenness of this wasteland without it. an amygdala addict for life...
steven wendler san jose

art bells program........ i normally don't tune in late sun. but i did, I was startled to here YOU. I didn't catch what the topic was but , art said he called you to verify something w/ ya & you said that transcendence was contagious & you couldn't help but pull people up to your level. (did you think to yourself.... "I wish all my students could hear this?" a mass brain broadcast?) because it was completely "coincidental" that I turned on the radio that nite. (Neil, I don't believe in coincidences) & can you concentrate on someone & help them transcend faster? if so....... Pam , & Brent Thats me & my boy Ryan, cloudbuster don't do while driving, I did tho! (see attachments) also would you be willing to trade a / some of your books for a brand new wireless freeboard (see attachment wire03.jpg) they retail for over a hundred & wholesale for 45$ I already bot frontal lobes S/C would like brain magic , or the other one that you deemed heavy artillery. I'm ready. Many thanks for the part on flushing/ rewritng bad memories. even tho i haven't found a good way to rewrite them it has put them in their places, out of my mind. that alone was worth it.

I have been practicing the universal brainbank thangy. & you are right there is an incredible peace of mind that i now have. & i have only just begun.

thanks Brento the Brain Boy

Mr. Slade,

I am impressed with your book and your thoughts. I have believed in a universal energy and conciousness for a long time. For a large part of my life I have pretty much tried to be a hermit, not really caring much for socializing. Many is the time I have wondered why man can't stop fighting, get a society started that does not rely on money, and try to make this world a better place to live. I work in a courthouse and on a daily basis I get to see the things that people do, and the people that do them. Recently a man was brought in who in a fit of rage broke both of his 6 year old's son's legs. It is difficult to care for everyone when there are people like this. I realize that there are good people, it just seems they are few and far between. To a certain extent I feel burned out.

But when I spend a night outside with my telescope and enjoy the incredible beauty of the universe, I feel a calm come over me and I feel at peace. Can someone such as myself, basically anti-social, and feeling somewhat the outcast because I have such different views from most people I know, really have much of a chance of attaining the goals described in your book? Will these things work against me, blocking my way, or do I just have a tougher road to follow? I apologize for this being so long, but I felt the need to talk to you about this.

[NEIL: You have an excellent chance. The people who have the most trouble are conservative, conventional "sheep" - people who can't think for themselves.]

By the way, when I click forward, I feel the tingling sensation all over(most enjoyable)and am working on the exercises and games. Thank you for listening and appreciate any thoughts you have on this. hoping to "pop" someday,

Hello Neil
I am enjoying your books and tapes very much. The first time I clicked forward was one of the more profound experiences of my life. The best description I can give is to say it was like walking into a pitch dark warehouse, turning on a light switch and seeing the lights flash on into infinity. I am finding it fascinating that people treat you differently when you are clicked forward. This is from a 56 year old male who has been meditating for over 20 years but have been clicking forward for only a week. I will be spreading the word as this is going to change the World! Neil, are you familiar with Pete Sanders books and his Free Soul organization? His latest book, which I started reading a week before receiving your package, is "Access Your Brain's Joy Center". I am experiencing something when I turn my attention to my Septum Pellucidum as described in Pete's book but not as profound as clicking my Amygdala. Are both of these processes portals to the frontal lobes? Possibly a major and a minor portals? Possibly different for each individual? I would like to hear from you on these questions if you can find the time. Thank You!
Very Sincerely, Gary Hoffman

My name is Ellen C. I would like to share some amygdala(?) stories with you....

I followed the link to your website from Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove's Virtual U announcements earlier this week. I listened to his show last night from 8 to 9p. Sorry I couldn't listen to the whole show but I had to get my children into bed. When I first visited your site, the link to the article on whole brain sex caught my eye. I was amazed to see it there since I had had this experience for the first time last spring while attending a conference on Science and Consciousness in Alburquerque, NM.

It's a little embarassing, however, I'll dive right in. Here's my anecdote...
I have been inspired by the life of the Saint Hildegard of Bingen since first hearing about her two years ago...She was a Christian Mystic who lived during the twelfth century. Along with her I share paranormal experiences, music, writing, and a deep love of God (whoever he or she may be) ...Anyway Hildegard speaks to me...(metaphorically speaking, maybe more...)

During one of the breaks,I was in my hotel room, ruminating on Hildegard's writings on sexuality. She seems to speak from first-hand experience, yet I believe that she died a virgin...Anyway, I followed this train of thought, thinking about celibacy, and being Brides of Christ, and the Song of Songs, and a lot of "religious" stuff...
Anyway, I got to wondering if it would be possible to achieve sexual release by thinking about God alone...and to my amazement I got there...(blush) Well, after I got back to L.A. and back to my husband, I stopped cheating on him with Christ. (That's meant to be a joke...) After reading your article I did more research, this time focusing solely on brain activity and duplicated the results...(a tough job, but hell, somebody's got to do it.)

Then today, in conversation with a girlfriend, she started talking about being hard-wired for sex and how she while she was young and still a virgin would achieve orgasm simply by thinking about it (this was an entirely synchronistic comment she made, we were not talking about any of this stuff...)
Dr. Mishlove seemed a little tentative at the idea but it seems so plausible to me. After all there are such things as wet dreams and now people are doing lucid dreaming...
Peace, E.

Dear Mr. Slade,
I'm a high school teacher here in Sacramento. I also teach at the California Youth Authority - (juvenile prison). I am planning on teaching the fundamentals of "The Frontal Lobes Supercharge" specifically clicking amygdalai forward! Your work is an inspiration. I wanted you to know.
Sincerely, M. McHale

Dear, dear Neil,
I believed YOU could do these things, I did not believe I could do them.

I even wondered if i was "doing it right" but when i see what a difference it makes in so many areas of my life, i don't have to BELIEVE, -- I KNOW.

Thanks for all the work you've put into this in order to share. I APPECIATE IT! Now go have a great vacation.

Hi Neil! I ordered your full set in July, I think, and I LOVE IT!!! I have a book I would like to self-publish in the same style that you have done yours. Do you have a recommendation for where to do that? Are you happy with your publishers, and how would I go about it? My brain is being more creative than ever, thanks to your research!! I appreciate what you've done to help more of us be in tune with these expanded energies on the planet right now. Your techniques make it an adventure instead of something to fear.

Other info: I am a devotee of Hairakhan Babaji, who was on the planet in India from 1970 to 1984. I'm coordinator of the Babaji Website: I have a couple of books written more by Him than by me.. it's time to get these out. Hope you're not too busy to answer.

OM Namah Shivaya
Sincerely, Marge DeVivo

I received FLS, and Brain Magic a couple of weeks ago. Within minutes, my wife and I had clicked forward! We were really enjoying the wonderful good feelings that had manifested. Within 2 hours, we had busted our first clouds. I noticed the subtle changes in my daily routines: ie doing 5 minute trig problems in 15 seconds (yes, I use trig every day at job). People at work ask me why I smile all day. My first couple of days after discovering forward clicking, the muscles in my face that are used for smiling were a little sore from over-use. This week the WEIRDEST thing occured. I was driving my car home from work. I made a left-hand turn at an intersection. I saw the UPS driver, who serves our company driving in the opposite lane. I usually honk, or wave if I see her. Since I was negotiating the turn when I spotted the big brown truck, I did not honk. HOWEVER, the horn sounded 2 quarter second bursts(my custom) WITHOUT ME TOUCHING THE BUTTON!!!!! My left hand was firmly grasping the 1 o'clock position of the wheel 8 inches away from the button. My right hand was resting on the arm rest. This so startled me, I thought I had pulled out in front of a car out of my vision. A quick scan of the mirrors, revealed no one even close to me. I touched the horn button to verify that it was MY horn. I drive a 20 year old car that has a very distinct 3 toned sound. I thought maybe the switch was activated by the turning action, but this was my usual quick double burst. I realized that the horn sounded the INSTANT that I spotted the UPS truck. She waved at me as usual. Yes, I was clicked forward to the max. I have since tried to duplicate the event by wildly jerking my wheel to no avail. I havent popped yet, but am delighting myself in daily activities like I haven't in years! I am seeing beauty in things Iv'e not noticed before. I'm really loving my new life going frontal.
Thank you Tim Boldman

[NEIL: I mentioned on an Art Bell appearance "Brain Teleportation" that seems to occur once in a blue moon- your frontal lobes/brain/advanced-?-neural energy actually manipulating the physical location of objects when your survival or intense needs makes paranormal abilities necessary. People began to email their own similar stories, a couple shown here below:]

Hi Neil,
my experience whitewater rafting last summer may be explained by the [brain] teleportation theory. It was the end of the day, one more rapid to go thru. They called it "the mutha". I was alone in my inflatable kayak and didn't make it through unscathed. I was tossed out early and was slamming against rocks and wondering if I was going to die from lack of oxygen. When I surfaced down stream the first thing I realized was that my glasses were gone. I am very nearsighted and everything beyond one foot away is not viewable without them. As I struggled to shore, I was very depressed, wondering what I was going to do because I was totally helpless without my glasses. Couldn't find the base camp, couldn't drive, couldn't do much of anything except kick myself for not packing a spare pair. As I walked out of the water, I reached up with my right hand to slick back my hair (I am left handed) AT THAT MOMENT I REALIZED THAT MY GLASSES WERE IN MY HAND. Say what you will, but I'm sure they weren't there when I was in the water, bouncing off the rocks...
=== Brandon

Hi Neil,,br> Yesterday about 4 pm, I started to walk out of Safeway, but remembered I'd wanted to indulge in one of their 25-cent cans of cola before going back outside into the heat. Thinking I shouldn't be drinking a 1-pound-of- sugar/chemical/carbonated/possibly gov't-black-op-tainted cocktail anyway (and that if I was, I ought to be at least getting a better tasting kind--like an actual coke with extra cola syrup!), I zipped right back to the pop machine regardless, to get my cold Safeway "Select" cola!

I made my way on toward the automatic entrance/exit glass doors where on the way in I'd passed (I presume.--since I didn't notice!) a table with books stacked on them. As I began to pass it again-this time on my way out-, my eyes fell on "MY" book: on the highest stack, southwest corner, the corner of it already jutting out into space--just waiting for me to pick it up at the closest & most noticeable spot for anyone passing in that direction to see on the whole table!

Turned out it was a $1 used book sale for Lung Disease. --This is one of my favorite books of all time. Over the years I have bought it full price several times & given it away or loaned it out. I'd been waiting & waiting for this one person to return it to me from the most recent loan, had inquired about it and been talking about it or referring it to it for about a week most recently, & had just the day before decided that (considering the borrower & that it was going on 2 years), I would just have to realize I was not getting this book back this time. I was thinking how dumb for me to ever buy it again even one more time (unless & until I had alot more money all around, etc!). -I had been pondering about having to invest time calling and/or scouring & poking around all the used book places in town & realized that was even a dumber (much) way to go! & a waste of time. I can just check it out of the library if I need to refer to it, I had decided.

Well, needless to say--the book that was sitting there with the title in big bold that letters nobody could miss & that just seemed to be waiting there for me to pick it up, ...WAS the very book in question!! ..I even looked inside to see if it was my own actual book that had somehow ended up here! It wasn't, but it didn't have to be; the whole thing was startling enough!!

I certainly hadn't noticed that table let alone anything on it as I'd come in, and if I hadn't gone back for my "cola", I would've been rushing out in just a certain "trajectory" that the book & table would not even have been in my line of vision.! (There were no people around this table. I even had to go find the proper person far off in another part of the store to give my money to. Maybe this doesn't seem so freaky to some people, but yesterday, ("under the circumstances"). with me just staring into the face of this book that suddenly pops out at me, I also kind of (kind of!) felt like I was the only one to whom it was visible! the whole thing seemed just a wee bit Twilight Zone-y!)... Not exactly finding the exact thing I lost, whisked away to re-materialize elsewhere in my realm --but sorta! ..& it did happen just yesterday late afternoon. I was still marveling at it into last night and this morning! --Since your thing happened last night & I got your email this a.m., I thought I'd just mention it to you!
Verbosely yours, ....Marie

Neil --
Your account of mysterious teleportations reminded me of an incident which took place last week.
I have this crystal ball I use to practice contact juggling (if you don't know what that is, take a look at LABRYINTH some time; watch what David Bowie's character does with that crystal ball). I also have a rather heavy cue ball I use for the same thing (I switch from one to the other every other week).
Some time last week, I got the cue ball out of hiding and left the crystal ball on my bed, carefully covered up by my bed spread to avoid any fires caused by the sun hitting the ball and doing that ant-and-magnifiying-glass trick.
When I came home a few hours later, I forgot about my crystal ball being on the bed and got in. I didn't feel the ball, nor did it hit the floor ... and for reasons I won't go into, I had locked the bedroom door when I left, so no one could have gotten in and moved it.

Got up the next day and went to work as usual, came home again ... and remembered where I had left my crystal ball. I felt the bed covers, checked under the bed, and ... nothing. Gave up looking. Next day: off to work, back home. Unlocked the bedroom door, and there sitting on my bed in plain sight was my crystal ball!

Is this weird, or what?

This story happened way back when in the year 73-

My brother was living with my husband and I at the time. We lived way out in the country and there was a little grocery store and resturant just a mile down the road from us. He was living with us for approxiatmatly a month, when one morning he gets up, getting ready for work he started looking for his watch, wallet, and a ring he wore. He'd take these off at night and put them beside his bed on a end table. He came to me and asked if by chance I'd seen these things, of course I didn't see them, although I was quiet aware he had these things because he wore them everyday. So, he ended up going to work without finding them.......In the meantime I searched the house as well, but to no avail, no where in sight.. That night he'd came home, and asked if by chance I found them???? No, I said" So, he ended up going to bed that night without knowing what had happened to them.

The next morning he went to the little grocery store to get something for lunch that day. He went to work, when he returned home that night,well guess what??? He came in with his watch, wallet,and ring.!!!!!!

He told me when he went to check out his groceries. he looked down on the counter and saw his things laying there. He asked the clerk if someone found these here in the store, or brought them in? She said she doesn't remember anyone finding them, or bringing them in, she said they were laying there on the counter that morning when she came in and opened the store. So he proceeded to tell her they were his things!!!! So proving it with his drivers license in the wallet laying there she told him to take them....... He couldn't figure how in the world they could of wound up there???? ME EITHER! We sort of blew if off at the time, thinking he may of put them down somewhere and someone found them and took them to the store. Well, the weird thing was it continued for quite sometime, He got use to going every morning down to the store to fetch his things! And the store clerk was always waiting for him to show up to give them to him!!!!!!! because they were always there when she opened the store first thing. This REALLY Happened...I was there........

P.S. That's just one story of some of the things that happened while we lived in the house....Believe it or not.'

With Best Regards LB

Neil,,br> I feel such a need to apologize to you for my abruptness a few weeks ago, when I had not received my books after a couple of weeks (Sherry Grandt). I was wanting to take them on vacation with me, and I received the books the next day after talking with you and was able to take them with us. I was just so pleasantly surprised to get the personal call from you, and really felt like something of a *=%@ for sending you the neasty email.. Please accept my sincere apology. [NEIL" Its biggie- this letter more than makes up for it] I have been popping clouds right and left. I have not found where you mention auras in you books. I can see auras around people and just this Tuesday became able to see the chakras. The brain is truly a marvelous thing. Thank you just for spreading the news.
Sherry Grandt

Dear Neil,
I tried cloudbusting and was surprised and thrilled when it worked. But please, please explain the sensations I experienced while the clouds were vanishing. That was even more a surprise and I'm vitally interested to know what is going on.

For reference in replying, I am an astronomer and physicist, musician, and philosophy graduate. I have studied some psychology too, but your Brain Magic is a breakthrough and an inspiration.

I was in a glorious sunny scene on a Puget Sound beach with blue sky and banks of white and gray clouds. I chose a section of white cloud. For a few minutes nothing happened, then a bright mist appeared to come pulsing from my eyes or forehead just in front of my vision, and at the same time the cloud I had targeted and an area around it looked magically lit up and obscured behind a brilliant veil of green, gold, white, and light rose. The colors had an exotic quality, almost iridescent. I experienced this haze while the pulsing occurred in my vision (I think the pulse was every three seconds or so, slower than a heartbeat), and with that the cloud disintegrated very quickly.

Then I tried a piece of a misty charcoal-colored cloud nearby in the foreground against the white cumulus, and after a few minutes the same thing happened. In both events none of the background clouds or other clouds moved a bit. Thank you so much for writing your wonderful book and being gracious in correspondence about it.

Sincerely, Moira

Dear Neil,
I am new at this brain stuff, but I recently had a really interesting thing happen to me. I was having just the worst day, and could not find my keys for the life of me. I was running late and needed to be at an appointment I was in a panic. Needless to say it was very upsetting, and I was throwing things and just at my breaking point. Well, I swear I felt a shift or click backwards. I was in this "mode" that was taking over. As soon as I noticed this and sat down and meditated for a few minutes...I clicked back and found my keys inside of a kidding! I just went to was amazing.

What's more amazing is my pets noticed this as well. They were trying to get me to pet them and pay attention to them. They knew that if I was to focus on something and redirect my energies I would get back to myself. I mean it was just wild. They seem to tune to in to me. It was like they were saying sit down and shut up and don't go there! Focus!! Hope you have done some research on animals...they are flat psychic if you ask me...fully flipped forward!!

I love this brain stuff!!! THANKS A MILLION!!
PS. I know keys are a trivial thing, but that day it was my biggest problem on top of a bunch of other problems. Everything just went so much better after such a simple thing helped me find my keys. I can't wait to use all I can learn for the other parts of my life :)

Many Blessings..

Hey Neil ,
Lot's going on around here as far as frontal Lobes Work. The weather forecasters were predicting Rain for all day yesterday and today . Well today we were going to go to an amusement park and I decided I wanted it nice for both Occasions. Well Wednesday It was Absolutely Gorgeous and today Thursday it was overcast but no rain. Well when we got tired at the amusement park and decided to leave, I said to the sky ' OK You can rain Now I'm done.' Well No more than a half hour later it started to storm like nobodys Business and headed west from there. We are in Ohio as you know. Another interesting thing about this whole thing is when we got our picture taken at the entrance of the Amusement park, the flash did not work ,it was overcast AND we ,My Wife and I, were standing in shadow. The really wild thing is Neil that When the Pictures were developed by the Amusement park People , all of the pictures in the camera turned out to be a little dark , EXCEPT the one of my wife and I . In this Picture Neil , we were both GLOWING!!!!!!! I want to send this keychain photo for you to see Neil It is pretty Incredible. I need your address though. Please E-Mail me ASAP








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