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THIS web page built June 7, 1998 to coincide with Coudbusting on Art Bell's Coast To Coast Radio Show.

As seen nine years later with GEORGE CLOONEY in the new 2009 movie The Men Who Stare At Goats: He calls it "Cloud Bursting  or Cloudbursting (half way through this trailer):




(An admittedly early video before the days of cheap camcorders...)


Read this page below first, then More Cloudbusting Info and early videos HERE

Please also see The Great Brain Weather Experiment


From: "mark nantel" <>
To: <>
Subject: cloud busting
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 20:50:05 -0400

Hi Neil,
I recently seen your video clip with you cloud busting by clicking forward. It seem really neat so I decided to try it myself. I was out side having break at work with 3 other co workers. I told them what I was about to do, so they said o.k, and pointed to a cloud vaporize it. After 3-5 minutes the cloud started to vanish. But what was really interesting was before it vanished it made the letter M, which was the first letter of my name(Mark), then disappeared. One of the co-workers ask how did you do that? Cloud busting really works.


This is something anyone can try- and countless people have reported unimaginable, repeatable success.  If you can have fun on cue, you are on your way to Brain Self-Control, if not a whole lot more.

You have pre-existing circuits in your brain for psychic and telekinetic powers. They are in a "dormant" (i.e. unused limitless potential) area of your brain. By learning how to click your amygdala forward, you can activate these areas easily and quickly. It seems that you can change clouds, maybe even the weather, with your mind.

In the case of CLOUDBUSTING or CLOUDBURSTING at the very least, you can predict- with an uncanny and improbable rate of success- which specific clouds in a bank or sky full of clouds will quickly evaporate while all the others surrounding it remain fully intact, or grow in size.


This is something I learned to do myself twenty years ago, and was able to teach friends almost instantly. I know at least six people who can do this without any problem, and actually are rather nonchalant about it. You will be able to do this yourself and when you do, a part of your frontal lobes will be activated, and reality will never seem quite the same any more.

Here is what you are going to do: Go outside on any nice day. You want to pick a day in which there are common cumulus clouds in the sky. These are the white puffy cotton candy type clouds. Not super dense hard edged or rain clouds. Look for clouds with soft edges. These are easiest to start with. You want to pick a day where there is a good amount of blue space visible between the clouds, about a fifty percent area of blue space to clouds, maybe a little more sky.

Pick a day when there is no wind. Wind interferes with this game, and makes your job pretty much impossible. After all, if the wind is blowing-- how will you know if its YOU or just the wind??

If the cloud cover is too dense so that the clouds are gray, or too far away this won't work either. I suppose that's like trying to lift a car with your pinkie.

Also, find an area where you won't be distracted or disturbed. If people are watching you, or if there is a lot of noise around you, it will ruin your concentration. Also, if you are new at this, and you feel like you are under pressure to perform, forget it. You need to be relatively calm and undisturbed.

What you are going to do is to visualize "vaporizing" specific clouds in the sky, that you choose and pick at random.

Here is how you do it:

1. Sit or stand in an open area where you can see good amount of open sky. Too many trees around you can interfere. Make sure you follow the previous requirements.

2. Click your amygdala forward, and make sure you are in a positive and open state of mind. This is important. If your amygdala is clicked backwards and in a negative and/or closed state of awareness, forget it, this won't work. Breath slowly and deeply, but totally relaxed and naturally.

3. Pick out a specific separate cloud. Ideally, pick one than has other clouds next to it or surrounding it, so you can compare your efforts. Pick a small cloud to start with, something about the size of your outstretched hand or smaller. Pick a cloud directly above you or nearly to start, so you know it is nearby. As you practice, you can move on to bigger clouds, and ones that are farther away.

4. Visualize energy flowing from your frontal lobes out towards the cloud, and visualize it vaporizing and disappearing from the sky. You can visualize that you are increasing the heat in the vicinity of this cloud, causing the water vapor to evaporate- no cloud.

5. Remain unattached to your results and efforts, as if you really don't care whether or not this works. Relax, let the energy flow, and wait. If you strain, grit your teach, tense your muscles, or mentally make effort it just interferes with this process. Remember, you click your amygdala forward with a feather, not a hammer. This is really easy to do, easier than walking up a flight of steps.

6. A cloud about the size of your outstretched closed hand will take from four to eight minutes to completely disappear. Your chosen cloud will vaporize, and surrounding clouds, no matter how close they are, will remain completely unaffected.

The first time you do this, and it is likely to work the very first time, you won't believe your eyes. Then after you do it again, a few more times, or on different days, you'll understand how amazing your brain really is. Of course, clouds will randomly vaporize on thir own- but this is not what this is about: You are choosing a specific cloud, perhaps in a group, and only the one you pick and direct your energy towards vaporizes. And you can do this repeatedly. Sorry skeptics, this is not a coincidence.

Now once you've made one cloud disappear, you might want to consider making another reappear somewhere to take its place. BALANCE. That cloud you just zapped was there for a reason. Reverse what you've just done. Image A NICE SHADY CLOUD. See the trouble you can get yourself into? It's not nice to fool Mother Nature. It could get very hot out there without a cloudy sun shield. Clouds don't have a silver lining, they are a silver lining. (Now think about other "CLOUDS" in your life- it's all how you look at them. Yin yang, baby.)

Anyway, of course you'll want to show this to your friends, but if you get up tight and nervous, it will trip you up. Detachment is a key word here. Let it happen.

It takes Effortless Effort- like all good frontal lobes abilities.

Normally, paranormal abilities are not at the whim of our ego. We have a natural resistance and have difficulty using  ESP and the like for tricks and parlor games, especially if we are trying to prove something that involves our ego. But for some reason, Cloudbusting is one of those activities that offers significantly less resistance to success. Perhaps it is in the generally harmless nature of this activity that allows us to do it with such ease and predictability.

This activity is so far out of the realm of conventional thinking, most people who get as far as trying it don't have a pre-conceived built up resistance to it, and are successful right off the bat. But unfortunately, if one hasn't taken the time to clear up the general state of one's brain with some good brain self-control, even when it works, it comes as such a shock that many people can't handle the realization that it brings. And it stops. But that's not you, right? Good!


My rebuttal to skeptics:  Further Info


LETTERS, out of literal thousands:

Dear Art, Thanks so much for the guest you had on last night. This afternoon I found myself idle as I waited for a meeting. I sat outside and noticed some clouds. I said "what the heck, I've always prided myself on my ability to concentrate", and I focused on a cloud imagining a beam was coming out of my forehead. After about 10 minutes, the cloud dissolved! Art, I have a B.S. degree in Physics (Cum Laude), so scientific skepticism is strong within me and I was sure I couldn't have caused the cloud to break apart. So, like any experiment, I wanted to repeat it. I focused even more intensely on another cloud and it too dissipated ... in less then 10 minutes!. Now I was getting nervous ... what if it is true? I sat for about 30 minutes watching the clouds to see how many disappeared on their own. None did. This was really starting to scare me. So another test was needed. I looked at a cloud without concentrating on it, to be extra sure that it wouldn't dissolve on its own. It seemed stable, so I bore down on it. In 5 minutes it was obliterated!!!! I really don't know what to think. I hope this weekend is cloudy so I can try it some more. Thank you Mr. Bell, my mind has be exposed to a new idea and possible power. Yours truly, Bill (Roswell, GA)

Hi Neil-- Wow! I haven't heard anyone talk about this for about 30 years! Way back when, oh, I must have been 15-16 or so, someone told me about this. And it is done exactly as you describe. It seems that I have made clouds disappear, get bigger, and with practice, even take special shapes! I've told others about this, and their general comment is along the lines of "Yeah. Sure. Heard any good jokes lately?"

Pretty cool stuff. I haven't done this "cloudbusting" for some years. There was always a peculiar sensation involved when you suddenly felt that you were in tune. And the center of the sensation always seemed to originate just posterior of the temples. Must have been clicking for years and never even knew it!

Later, Mary B

I met Neil Slade when my family moved near his house in 1968. We were 14 and have been friends for several decades. We certainly don't see eye to eye on many things; my backround is firmly grounded in materialism, as my Dad is a criminal attorney and my mother a psychiatrist. As a photojournalist, I must see things objectively and am a natural skeptic. They pay me well to maintain these professional attitudes.

However, when Neil & I were about 18 or so, we read a book by Jess Stearn who first mentioned cloudbusting. One blustery afternoon Neil dropped by my house on Magnolia Lane. We decided to try this cloudbusting thing. We both were pretty amused by the idea. By simply using the techniques he describes, I can tell you honestly that it really worked. We kept trying different clouds, and lo and behold, the damn things kept splitting apart. I kind of shrugged it off, but to this very day, when neither of us had any emotional investment in this phenomena, I can tell you, from my point of view, it seemed to work.

I tried it again about a year ago, and I believe it did work.

Our presence at a news event with a camera changes the whole nature of the experience. Just like cloudbusting. It happens, I don't know how, but the mind is a powerful thing. No one should dismiss someone else's experience out of hand, its not really very scientific, is it? In fact, rather fascistic, something we have all been experiencing as a world lately.

Doug Gerash


Please see The Great Brain Weather Experiment

Cloudbusting Machines Note: I have had little or no luck with such devices thus far, perhaps due to errors on my part in construction, operation, or that they just don't work- but some people say there is something to this.
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