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1) Every Brain Audio Book and Brain Audio Music Album in the highest quality MP3 variable bit rate for easy direct transfer to all portable players, and playable on any computer, and all content burnable to CD for audio in standard CD players.


  • All 3 Brain Audio Books, un-abridged and complete, read by the author:


Frontal Lobes Supercharge Un-abridged Audio Book

Brain Lab Talks Live Lecture Series

Have Fun Anti-Rules Audio Book



  • 13 Brain Music Albums

Cosmic Conversations Acoustic Guitar

Mind Music Modern Electric keyboard 
Amygdala Brainbites Brain pop/rock
People's Symphony/Tao of Jazz Orchestral and Jazz
Piano Impressions From Another Dimension Classical/Modern Piano.
Tippy Pop/rock with Saxophone Selections
Invisible Music Modern Jazz Fusion.
Free Dirt 2 CD Set Humor, Story, Wild Music, Audio Musical Story Book

Introduction to Brain Magic Bonus Audio book and Radio Interview, music selections


Bonus Albums Exclusive to this DVD:

Good Morning- Good Night   Classical Wake up- Bedtime music

Zee Brainwave Popsicle  Brain Pop-Rock

A Starry Night  Relaxing Drifting Brain Music

Just the Free Dirt Only, Please   Music Only Selections From the Humor Musical Book


  • 7 additional hours of discussion with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, James A. Jancik, Lynn Thompson, and more.



2) An Amazing Brain Adventure Film (5 hours of video and audio) playable on any computer or stand alone DVD/TV player  --INCLUDES FREE free DVD to iPod/Creative Zen/Zune portable player conversion software



3) EVERY Complete and Brain Book in Adobe PDF computer readable and printable form-  unlimited hours of enjoyment and learning:


The Frontal Lobes Supercharge

Brain Magic

Have Fun- Anti-Rules For Life Learning and Everything Else

Cosmic Conversations

The Self-Transcendence Workbook


These books are on the physical DVD, AND you will also be sent the INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to the downloadable versions of the books upon payment.




Also Bonus Brain Lab Reports:

Stress Relief Games &

Self- Peak Experiencing


And additional bonus material:


4) 99 fun and colorful rare photos (most previously unpublished) from the vaults of Neil Slade and Brain Central.



5) Important and key Brain Web Page articles detailing the material contain on this DVD, usable online or offline.





DIMENSION of Pleasure, Intelligence, Creativity, ESP, and Turn on Your Brain Like Nothing Else!



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EXCITING NEWS! All Brain Music CD albums have been

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These new CD re-masters are the best possible, no noise, high fidelity, state-of-the-art editions of these albums we offer. They sound FANTASTIC!!! AND, we offer them to those brain music fans who want the BEST, at a VERY reasonable price. We can keep the prices at $7.95 because OWN the record company. Make no mistake- these CD's sound better than any MP3 file. AND most of these CD's have a hand placed 4 color label, unlike mass produced 2 color printing on commercial CD's. Each CD is a SINGLE album described below.



Cosmic Conversations acoustic guitar

Mind Music modern electric keyboard 
Amygdala Brainbites brain pop/rock
People's Symphony/Tao of Jazz orchestral and jazz
Piano Impressions From Another Dimension classical/modern piano.
Tippy pop/rock with saxophone selections
Invisible Music modern jazz fusion.
Free Dirt 2 CD Set humor, story, wild music

Introduction to Brain Magic Bonus audio book and radio interview, music




Audio Book CD Sets



1. Frontal Lobes Supercharge CD set  5 CDs, Totally un-abridged and complete, read by the author- VERY cool!

2. Brain Lab Talks CD set  3 CDs,  historical and informative live presentations, groundbreaking brain theory and practice

3. Have Fun!- Anti-Rules For Life, Learning, and Everything Else  2 CDs, Fun, rebellious, non-technical lessons for turning on THE OTHER 90% of your brain- the FUN WAY






Coast to Coast  Spcial $49.94  --- 20 CDs and 1 DVD - Get a tremendously satisfying and enlightening 20 hours of Brain Audio Book and Brain Music CDs. This includes the Frontal Lobes Supercharge Audio 5 CD set AND The Brain Lab Talks 3 CD set AND Have Fun! Anti-Rules 2 CD Audio Books, the bonus Bonus Lab History and Interview CD, plus all 9 Brain Music CDs listed below. Also includes the hand-autographed Neil Slade Zow-X mini-poster: See PRINT . Each CD comes in a rugged, cool clear scallop shell case.  $49.94

INCLUDES An Amazing Brain Adventure DVD Free!







Also includes Free Instant Download UN-abridged FLSupercharge Online PDF Interactive Book  (see Cornucopia for details) You will receive a password shortly after payment to instantly download this book after you place your set order below.


Contains these CDs:
Frontal Lobes Supercharge Complete Un-abridged Audio Book - 5 CDs, 6 hours
Brain Lab Talks Set - 3 CDs, 3 hours
Bonus Brain Lab History and Interview CD - brain lab Interview, history, story, brain theory and lesson, 70 min.

Have Fun! Anti-Rules for Life, Learning, and Everything Else
- 2 CDs, 2 hours PLUS Illustration Image files

Contains All 9 Brain Music albums
Cosmic Conversations CD - acoustic guitar
Piano Impressions From Another Dimension - solo classical/modern piano
People's Symphony/Tao of Jazz - both symphonic and traditional jazz quartet
Mind Music - modern electric piano and keyboard
Tippy - pop/rock, and saxophone virtuosities
Amygdala Brainbites - brain pop/rock
Invisible Music - non-conventional space fusion jazz (think Frank Zappa- cool!)


Also includes these two bonuses:

An Amazing Brain Adventure DVD

Frontal Lobes Supercharge Online Download Book


All of this,  only $49.94, $7 shipping USA and INTERNATIONAL
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Listen to Samples Here

and also from links below

Acoustic Guitar Brain Music COSMIC CONVERSATIONS CD   Features Neil Slade and Eric Vincent on acoustic steel string and classical guitars, with some added surprises! Maybe the BEST Brain Music recorded yet! Absolutely flawless and outstanding sound quality, recorded fully digitally. This music is getting GREAT reviews by everyone. Brain Music will help your brain do things ordinary music can not, will not, and does not do. You and everyone you know will LOVE this CD- and so will your brain- no doubt about it. Hear album samples here! CD comes in a unique clear scallop shell case. SPECIAL!!- Just $5.95 with ANY other book or music order, (or $7.95 by itself). Includes 1st class postage.

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MIND MUSIC CD This is the timeless BRAIN MUSIC SuperCharge for your Mind/Spirit/Brain/Body. Phenomenal World Class musicianship here, jazz/classic electric keyboards delightfully seasoned with a bit of flute and sax. Pure Brian Music Power, sophisticated and energetic, Mind Music plugs your brain into the Essential Universal Music Vibe Connection. You will love listening to this CD in the car, at home, entertaining your guests and friends. Maybe just the best instruMENTAL music you'll ever hear! $7.95 in a cool clear scallop shell case, includes 1st class postage.

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INVISIBLE MUSIC CD: INVISIBLE MUSIC CD: Holy Moly!! Year 2000 COMPLETE DIGITAL RE-MASTERof this INCREDIBLE Electric Jazz Album. VERY melodic and wildly enthusiastic musical energy. TURBOCHARGE your brain with this really FUN and ENERGETIC modern record. Invisible Music (and isn't ALL music really invisible?) is a perfect blend of way-out space age instrumentation with classic acoustic instruments- the best music this side of Venus! Flutes from Europa, Saxophones from Pluto, pianos from Vienna,  synthesizers from Mars, drums, bass, even a little singing ("You Cause A Nuclear Reaction Inside My Heart"). Music for a Brave New Universe. A blast! NOT for Squares! Features many GREAT musicians- Comes in a cool clear scallop case. $7.95, 1st class postage included. 3 Tune Streaming Sample Click This! (This instant streaming web sample much lower quality than CD) "This new re-mastered CD sounds GREAT! You'll love it!"- N.S. 


AMYGDALA BRAINBITES CD Once again back by popular demand, with a brand new Color-Cortex label (see the sample right here..), and a NEW SONG not on the cassette, this PURE POP/ROCK BRAIN MUSIC CD will have you humming and bopping along in no time. Teenage Brain Revolutionaries Sarah Rubow and Ruti Mor join Neil for some of the catchiest, most melodic yet intriguing original Brain Pop/Rock music you will ever feast your ears on! Electric guitar, drums, bass, synth- Take THIS LINK for the full story and complete downloadable music samples. Don't be OLD. Get ABCD! Comes in clear scallop shell case. Just $7.95 includes 1st class postage.



PIANO IMPRESSIONS FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION CD is thoughtful and playful piano solos recorded on a 9 foot Baldwin concert grand. Many of these compositions appear on other recordings here, but these are the original pure classical renditions on keyboard. Makes you SMARTER and more EFFICIENT as you flow and connect via the CLASSIC COSMIC INTELLIGENCE MUSIC CHANNEL. Suitable for any listening environment, dinner, work, driving, etc. This tape is good for relaxation and/or refreshing the brain. Years of music listening, for just $7.95, includes postage.


TIPPY This is the second great Brain Pop/Rock with Instrumentals album, and it   covers a LOT of territory. A really FUN bunch of truly catchy tunes- you'll be singing along instantly- segues into some truly memorable masterpieces of melodic ingenuity, then seamlessly transforms into some AMAZING saxophone goodies. 45 minutes of Pure Musical Bliss, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass, synth, and sax. "Your voice is so COOOOOL!" -Michelle P. a satisfied customer. Only $7.95, 1st class postage included, you'll groove along to this album into the next century- Everybody LOVES Tippy!

THE PEOPLE'S SUITE for SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA plus The TAO of JAZZ Double Feature CD This CD teams up two distinct albums-Parallel Universes you might say- with wonderful new digital re-masters of the original master tapes and a bonus track. The first is a complete orchestral suite, The People's Symphony, featuring members of the Denver Symphony and other professionals, along with detailed digital synthesized orchestral parts. This recording has toured the U.S. as part of a Kodak photograph exhibition and premiered nationally as the soundtrack for a PBS documentary to rave reviews. The conclusion of the symphony will blow your mind-and click your amygdala forward big time. Also includes a couple of extra chamber music compositions. Beethoven, roll over.... This CD then switches gears to The Tao of Jazz for complimentary acoustic traditional jazz arrangements of some Slade original favorites, featuring Neil plus three incredible jazz musicians. The combination of classical symphony music followed by great jazz, makes for an extended pleasurable Brain Music Sensation! Just $7.95 includes 1st class postage, quite a brainy good deal!

FREE DIRT Story and Music TWO CD SET. Funny stuff here- This CD is a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT over the cassette due to state-of-the-art noise reduction. This is The WORLD'S FIRST Autobigraphical Musical CD Book! It tells the story of Neil's STRANGER THAN FICTION YET TRUE LIFE OF MUSIC between the ages of 5 and 21. FREE DIRT is a humorous collection of stories, and the actual music that was created from the unusual circumstances of growing up an unconventional mind in a conventional cowtown (Denver). Features dozens of talented and BRAVE musicians! Warning!>>>> WILD AND WEIRD! This music is truly THE OUTER LIMITS- yet REALLY cool and HIP. If you are a boring, uncreative person with no SENSE OF HUMOR, forget this!. If you are truly CREATIVE, INTELLIGENT, and LIVELY- this IS for YOU! 2 CD's $10.95





Brain Book #1 AUDIO CD

6 CDs Remember how you LOVED having a book read to you as a kid? Now you can listen to author Neil Slade read the complete and un-abridged Numero Uno Brain Book to you in a way that nobody else can, this is the BEST..... FUN- EDUCATIONAL-STIMULATING- CONVENIENT! ZOOOOOOM your brain with SIX hours of incredible, brain info and stories on five CDs. Listen ANYWHERE, and Supercharge Your Brain on the go, in your car, on a plane, jogging, anywhere. You also get of course, the BONUS Inroduction to Brain Magic CD, making six CDs total. This is the REAL deal, like private Brain Lessons, $19.95 $1 postage. Smart and Smiling!

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3 CDs For more than a decade, author and musician Neil Slade presented a series of public talks, classes, and presentations with Brain Lab director T.D.A. Lingo. These talks introduced and helped people to understand the focus and the ongoing groundbreaking and pioneering work of the lab during the years 1957-1993. Here are three historical examples, featuring the director himself explaining BRAIN in a way that no one else can, or has yet! VERY rare one-of-a-kind recordings from Slade's personal archives, available nowhere else. You can now hear these historic presentations and hear the history, the science, the philosophy, the methods....... You are THERE. This set contains one studio presentation, and two live lectures at Colorado State University and the University of Denver. Three hours on three audio CDs with additional introductory material. This set contains three hours listening education and ENJOYMENT. Available only here, priced perfect, for true Brain Explorers like you, $12.95, postpaid.

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Brain Book #3 AUDIO CD
Special NEW! HAVE FUN! Anti-rules AUDIO 2 CD Book Set:

2 CDs Remember hopping into bed and having Mom or Dad read to you? Or your favorite teacher in Kindeegarden? How Captain Kangaroo or Mr. Rogers? Now you can listen to Brain Funman Neil Slade read the complete and un-abridged Numero TRES Brain Book to you in a way that nobody else can, this is the BEST..... FUN- EDUCATIONAL-STIMULATING- CONVENIENT! ZOOOOOOM your brain with TWO hours of incredible, helpful, funny, EDU-TATIONAL stories on two CDs. Listen ANYWHERE, and Supercharge Your Brain on the go, in your car, on a plane, jogging, in bed with the lights out, anywhere. This is like having your very own Anti-Rules Private Tutor- stashed inside your CD player. Learn how to ditch and navigate all around those dumb "grown up" boring horrible rules that keep you clicked backwards--- and CLICK FORWARD with Fun Anti-Rules that SET YOU FREE! $9.94, postage included. (Audio portion on CD1, Audio and Illustrations on CD2, opened by any photo/illustration computer program- for almost unbearable delight!)

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