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 Standing at the top of the hour
Look what's going on
We're losing all the power
The World Wide Web is gone.
 Listen to the people talking
Out of Time in '99
Too late to make it better
There's a flaw in the design,
 Gonna need food and water,
Electricity and heat
Preparing for the future
A challenge we can meet.
 Better get some solar panels
Baygen radio too
It's back to the Dark Ages
And there's nothing we can do.
The future has begun
Change is gonna come.
 The world as we know it
Is slowly ticking away
The computers that control it
Are shutting down all the way.
 We should have had the answer
In 1953
Don't need no Nostradamus
Just sound contingencies
 Y2K.....(chorus) In a world of missing persons
Between Venus and Mars
Taking out the planet
With our fossil fueled cars.
 We're in the final hour
Caught up in The Quickening
The spirit speaks louder
When the truth is what we seek .
 Y2K Y2K Y2K
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Eric Allen Vincent- music, lyrics, lead vocal, guitar, syth, percussion
Ben Tanler- lyrics, background vocals, electric guitar, engineering
Neil Slade- Egyptian river boat horn
Copyright 1999 Vincent-Tanler Music Inc.

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