Harpsichord Brain Radar Treasure



When you "Click Your Amygdala Forward and

tune-into your own Brain Radar- what do YOU want to find?

What WILL you find?


The same?




Tune into your own Telepathic Brain Radio Receiver

Simply LISTEN TO THIS Unique Sound:

Free Download or Stream

Natural Brain Radar Catalyst (13 MB mp3)  

20 Minutes  Please adjust the Tone EQ to your own taste

Play as is


Try reducing the high's first... then play with volume- low volumes work well as do headphones.

This is a high quality high bit-rate mp3 file.     Listen to part, or the whole thing- any time.


I created this sound myself, utilizing natural source materials,

re-creating the sounds I listen to myself every day to click my amygdala forward.

During the day and at night in bed. Any time. Any place.



If you would like me to send you a EIGHTY MINUTE audio CD of this sound so you can listen ANYWHERE- in your car,

next to your bed, transfer to your portable player,  just click the button below.



Natural Brain Radar Catalyst Audio CD   $9.98

Includes first class postage:


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