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(NOTE: Make sure any firewall you have running ALLOWS Real Player to access internet files, or none of these streaming files will play.)

 MUSIC is one of the most POWERFUL forces that you can use to change your Mind/Brain. This year the focus is on BRAIN MUSIC! Research shows that certain kinds of music stimulates your brain and makes your neural connections grow and work better than ordinary music. Brain Music IS different and BETTER for you and your brain-and you FEEL it and many ways. For detailed full page info on Brain Music albums go to BRAIN MUSIC CENTRAL

If you don't yet have Real Audio installed on your computer, do it by clicking this link and follow the directions: The FREE player is what I use, and it works great.

FREE Real Player 8 (PS: The Real Player 8 is superior to the newer version RealOne Player- use my link.)

Please NOTE: The quality of these Real Audio files are not as good as your own cassette or CD player, but the trade off is you get instant computer download of these complete original songs and music. Please adjust the tone control on your computer for the best sound. 
For your own complete albums, please visit The Brain Book and Music Store

 SPECIAL NOTE FOR LISTENING: Turn out the room lights. When you listen- especially to the new Mind Music Sample, if you have installed the latest version of the free Real Audio player, click clickety click the Visualizations Button located under the screen (it looks like a "W" with a line under it. (You may have to check the "Visualizations" option under the View menu to turn it on.) Find the "Cosmic Belt" and the "Nebula" Visualizations by clicking the arrows "< >" DRAG the lower right hand corner of the screen to the right and you can enlarge the picture to fill your computer screen. Under the view tab, also UNCHECK the distracting options like Location Bar and Play List, and Content Bar, etc.

 This will enhance the Brain Music Amygdala Clicking experience by incorporating a bit of very interesting visual stimuli. We've also watched the ANNABELLE THE SHEEP visualization-- and it kept us laughing and falling on the floor FOREVER. -- Just keep watching it- it will surprise you just when you think NOTHING ELSE could possibly happen.....

 You can ALSO-click this page: Black Background before watching the Real Audio Visualizations-it provides a dark non-distracting background. Once you are on that page (there's nothing but a black screen there) re-open your Real Audio icon at the bottom of your browser window, and the Real Audio Viewer will then appear on top of the black background page for premium viewing.

 The combination of audio plus visual is a very cool thing, especially if you have some decent computer speakers or listen through headphones.I have very good speakers connected to my computer, and even these Real Audio files sound quite wonderful through such speakers. Listening to the same music on the cassettes or CD's in STEREO is AMAZING. (For best internet sound, Real Audio is sent in mono sound here.)

A note from Neil: "I have found the listening to music through headphones amplifies the amygdala clicking effect considerably in most situations. My preference for headphones is Sony, even the inexpensive ones offer a more natural and best overall sound than any brand I have found- and I can afford any headphones out there. Interestingly enough, even the cheapest MDR24 model phones that come standard with most inexpensive Sony walkmans sound very accurate and I use them for helping in mastering recordings." 

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Left Click these new INSTANT Real Audio Instant Music files:

MIND MUSIC Sample for 56K or FASTER modems
MIND MUSIC Sample for slower modems
COOL WHIP-(from the "Mind Music" album, and Complete Set)

 Note on Mind Music Compositions- The first selection on the stream is "Meteor Shower" an uptempo energizing surprise, the second "Sarah's Voice" is a romantic flute and keyboard duet for under the stars, and the third "Harriet's Good Vibes" is a general mid tempo feel good groove (that's the sound of an actual thunder storm in the background)- Snap along yourself for super clicking. The Mind Music album contains all three, fast, mid, and slower tempo selections to stimulate all sectors of the TEMPORAL LOBES to cascade movement into FRONTAL LOBES regions-- not just sleepy time "new-agey" brain numbing muzak. Enjoy this sample!- Neil


MY LIFE and SUBMARINE  From Amygdala Brainbites CD
the Brain Revolutionaries- Featuring Sarah Rubow, Neil Slade, and Ruti Mor 

TURN IT UP LOUD!  Wear Headphones


MIND MINE Streaming Real Audio Version from Cosmic Conversations CD 

EQUATORIAL REGIONS Background track from Brain Video #1, and from Cosmic Conversations Book/Music CD Set

RUNNING SMILING MAN for 56K Modems(Best quality)
From Cosmic Conversations Book/CD Set 

CLICK YOUR AMYGDALA! Version II- Written and performed by Eric Vincent playing T.D. Lingo's actual Vega 1950's vintage banjo as used on his NBC television program, 

PEGAS EYE 2 (for 56K modems OR 
PEGAS EYE 2(for 28K modems)-from "BRAIN 2020" on the Cosmic Conversations CD, Slade/Vincent. This is a totally spontaneous composition- must have been directly hooked up to the Brain Music Muse on this occasion....

MP3 FILE (non-streaming for regular modems, but CD quality) RIGHT CLICK TO "SAVE" and download to your computer on Netscape and possibly IE. COSMIC CONVERSATIONS MP3 from Cosmic Conversations Book/Music CD Set

Also- MIND MINE MP3 from Cosmic Conversations Book/Music CD Set. If you like these MP3's, please visit the Cosmic Conversations page!

See the new SHAUNA Page
SHAUNA 56K+ modems
SHAUNA 28K modems
Brain Pop/Rock from "Tippy"

SUBMARINE 56k or faster modems From Amygdala Brainbites CD

TIPPY SUITE for 56K or FASTER modems from the TIPPY CD. 
TIPPY SUITE for other modems. 
#1- "Cosmic Bike", #2- "Couch", #3- "Scaramouche" (by D. Milhaud). This is a snappy Pop/Rock Brain Music CD with a number of saxophone instrumental selections in the second half. 

INVISIBLE MUSIC SUITE 3 Selections from Invisible Music CD, "Super Cool Whip", "Track On Back On The Track", and "#4". 

Tippy Talks! (listen VERY closely...)  

Brain Party Music- Scaramouche

Bloomdido From "Tippy"

 IF I ONLY.... (Well, this isn't orignal, but....) 

MIDI FILES: NEW 4 U /Click for Music! / Another / Yet More / LONG! / Yes!!

All music Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004 Neil Slade Music

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