Brain Paint ACar


Okay, on a more cheerful note..........Very often I don't like new stuff, I don't like the way something looks, tastes, sounds like, or smells until I've been around it for a while. And this applies to more than just people. A lot of times I've got to see something for a while before it registers in my brain that "Hey, this is good!". This is a direct result of having a reptile brain embedded in our head, deep inside the rest of our brain, like the seeds of an apple. The reptile brain resists change. It would be very happy lying around, day after day, year after year on the same old rock. While this is good if you are an iguana, it's not so good if you have a great big human brain, with a nice yummy frontal lobes Hostess Snowball around your reptile brain core. Your big brain was made to utilize all those zillions of connections, and keep making more and more NEW connections until the day the rest of your body wears out.

This painting is a good example of something I didn't appreciate until after it had been around awhile. At first, not even knowing where the ideas came from, I thought it was not "good art". It didn't conform to what the more primitive part of my brain said was good design. But after looking at it a bunch, my lobes caught on, and I appreciated it's non-conformist approach. You just gotta keep moving on, like a nice breeze on a summer day......

Acrylic on paper, 1993

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