Brain Paint ACar


Too bad we don't teach all kids how to click on frontal lobes job creativity from pre-school on. It took me a long long long time to figure out what I was gonna do for a living. Here's a list of some of the cushy jobs I've had in my life: lawn mower, wall painter, newpaper carrier, hot dog vendor, janitor and sweeper boy, dog washer, bike assembler, substitute teacher, package courier, phone book delivery, hospital orderly. Actually I wasn't an orderly, I was a radiology trasporter. That means I would wheel patients from their hospital rooms down to the X-Ray department to get their radioactive portrait taken. It was a strange job. I would wait around this room for hours at a time until somebody needed an x-ray. The only thing I could do was draw pictures. This is a picture I drew, then painted in, of a chair in the radiology orderly's room. Waiting around for hours, I began hallucinating these little smiley faces on my pencil, who began singing to me visible notes as the phone cord began to disintegrate before my very eyes. This was before I learned brain self-control, of course.

Acrylic on paper, 1983

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