Brain Paint ACar


What happens when you mix up brain, material needs, money, infinity knowledge, "oneness" with the universe, protoplasm? "Psycheblob!" Painted on an ordinary shirt cardboard, one learns to make do with what one has handy. My first brain guru George Green used to tell all his students- "Get any thing you want, get any high you wanna get- with meditation. Take 900 million billion gazillions of faith love hope charity peace patience benevolence love and knowledge, and cube THAT! Cube the totals of the cubed totals and repeat infinitely again. And again and again and againandagain and aginandaginagininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininin..." (I think this is what is gonna happen on December 22, 2012.)

Acrylic paint on cardboard, 9"x12"(1997)

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