Brain Paint ACar

"Mars Top"

The second most frequent brain question I get is "Can you teach me how to Astral Project?" Let me give you an example:

The planet Mars was once home to a race of advanced humanoid creatures known as Gleebleflockens. (This being the English translation of what is inherently a telepathic name). The Gleebs (for short) were a friendly species, about four feet high, with four feet, and six toes on each foot. Each toe was painted with purple toenail polish, and had embedded in it a golden diamond, with twelve facets on each stone. This was mostly a religious practice, and did not have a true functional purpose. If you were a Gleeb male, you regularly carried in your back jeans pocket one of those little tube shaped combination microscope/telescopes. When a Gleeb guy saw a Gleeb girl, he would whip out the little device, pull the eyepiece back into telescope mode, and peer through it with one of his sixteen eyeballs. From a distance, usually across the street, the Gleeb guy could tell if this female was mating material. If she was, he would immediatly fold up the telescope and run across the street and introduce himself by saying something like "Glorhpsd 303^#&^ fkdkd888*ldj===239". If the female responded in a positive fashion, or make a popping sound with her oral membrane, the male would push the tubular looking glass into microscope mode and at random pick a purple toenail to examine at microscopic range. If, while examining her toenail at 150X power he saw an octaganal stop sign, this would be an indicator that she was infertile, and he would immediately start sweating. Little droplets of green jello like substance to be precise. If, on the other hand, he saw the image illustrated below, they would immediately join upper tentacles and live happily ever after.

Des that answer the question?

Acrylic on Paper, 1993

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