Brain Paint ACar


One of the more frequent brain questions I get is "Can I use my Frontal Lobes ESP to win the Lotto?" The answer to this question is, "Don't you think I would have tried that by now?" Years ago, I thought I would give that experiment the good old college try. I clicked and I clicked that amygdala forward. I kept pen and paper by my bed in case I dreamed winning Lotto numbers. I bought some ping pong balls, put my favorite numbers on them, then drove down to the TV station where they did the drawing. I then buried the ping pong balls in strategic psychic locations surrounding the building. I then painted this intense painting with my utmost frontal lobal artistic skills and meditated on it faithfully every Wednesday night for an hour before the drawing. After a couple of weeks of this craziness, I had enough of this whole process of trying to psychically win my fortune. I couldn't do it. Don't know anyone who has. Maybe, real wealth doesn't have anything to do with money, eh?....

Acrylic on Paper, 199?

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