Brain Paint ACar
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Unlike any normal person who just goes to the drugstore and buys a perfectly nice Valentines Day card, I seem to have a problem doing that. I am cursed with overactive frontal lobes which insist on expressing originality- even when I should be sleeping. Anyway, one year I was, again, sitting at a piano lesson I was giving, and although the musical part of my brain was busy giving instructions, the artist visual part of my brain was getting bored. And the good ol' frontal lobes will allow you to effectively do several things at once. So I clicked "more forward", grabbed an envelope and pen out of my backpack and started working on a Valentines Day "card", the holiday was right around the corner. After I finished it sometime later (days later), I counted it. There are exactly 1032 hearts. "I love you a thousand times!"

Acrylic paint on an envelope, 9"x12"(1994)

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