Brain Paint ACar

"Inspector Gadget"

I taught painting to my student Weston for 9 years. He tried to play the piano, but he had a hard time (first grade), so we switched to art. One day I showed up at our lesson with a 3 inch tall humanoid wearing skin diving apparatus. I had picked him up at a garage sale, looking over a table filled with odds and ends. Looking at all the junk on the table, I suddenly I heard this little voice- "Hey you! Big person!!! Pick me up!" I looked down, and there was this teeny tiny little guy blowing bubbles, waving an even tinier fish that was holding it's breath. I knew I had a fish tank at home, and figured this queer little man in a skin diver's suit could have a home with me. I said "Hold still for a minute," and paid the lady holding the sale a quarter, and then stuck him in my pocket. I later found out his name was Inspector Gadget, and he was famous for solving crimes with a variety of oddball inventions. His neck and legs also could extend out an additional 75 percent. But before I took him home and threw him in with my goldfish, I took him over to Weston's house, and I we both painted portraits of the Inspector. This is mine.....

Acrylic paint on paper, 9"x12"(1995)

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