Brain Paint ACar

"Little Zow-X"

This picture came to me in a dream. I was dreaming, lucid dreaming. Dreaming I was flying through the air, knowing I was dreaming. I saw this strange surreal landscape and woke up to paint it. the exclamation eye said to me telepathically "Click that switch and watch!!!!" It took about 24 hours to paint. When I was done, I was happy, very happy. My frontal lobes creativity rewarded the rest of my brain with a great big brain smiley hug- that lasts until this day, multiplied by 59,000 thousand, every time I look at what my brain did.

Acrylic on paper, 12"x36"(1996)

A 1/2 scale folding version of this painting originally came (no longer) as the cover insert/booklet with
The Amygdala Brainbites CD. You now get a an 8X10 copy of this with any Complete, Total, or Super COmplete Set of Brain Books. The ORIGINAL painting from which this comes,
is a 10' X 20' mural- (click here or the image above) Big Zow-X.

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