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Neil Slade's Easy Amygdala Click Lesson Part 2

Easy Amygdala Click Lesson (continued)

Okay, now that you know about your Magic Brain button, the next question is "How do I click it on?"

Well, like the brain man said, it's as easy as clicking on a light switch. Of course, you've got to FIND the clicker first. Here's a good simple way to demonstrate it actually exists (as opposed to just reading about it and imagining it via your frontal lobes).

Now, your NOSE is connected DIRECTLY to your amygdala, attached by way of olfactory nerves. Why is that?? The nose is connected to the amygdala because your mammal ancestors (dogs and cats and monkeys) coundn't "think" ahead for dangers and pleasures Their prehistoric mammal frontal lobes were too tiny. But the wonderous nose could! The nose could warn of danger or goodies around corners, through the trees, and further than the eye could see. The nose was advanced brain radar, a small jump in the space time continuum, precursor to more advanced human frontal lobes time travel. The nose sent either a DANGER or a GOOD THING signal to the amygdala which relayed the message to the rest of the brain- individual is thus able to better survive.

Using the above brain fact, we can effectively play with our amygdala, using our nose, and cause it to click both forward and backward INSTANTANEOULSY and MOST DEFINITELY. Once you find it, then you can start playing with it whenever you want. As you experiment from day to day, clicking.... (you don't need to smell stuff to click it, there are lots of other ways you'll eventually learn, but this is a good way to get started...) As you practice clicking in line at the supermarket, at the typewriter, in bed, driving home, etc., your frontal lobes circuits will build and build and


BUILD until one day


your frontal lobes !POP! and it's like you just discovered CUBA and realized "The Earth Really ISN'T FLAT!!! Oh MY!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!)%*%#^%*^()#*&$#&!"
Okay, calm down......

Very Easy Amygdala Click Demonstration

STEP 1) (Don't do this part too much, it will give you a bad headache.) Go outside and find your neighbor's smelly garbage can. Put your nose right in the bottom of it. GO ON, DON'T JUST SIT THERE!~ Rub your nose around in the lid. ! (You may optionally find something else to smell equally repulsive.) Note the rather unpleasant convulsions your body is experiencing. DON'T COME BACK HERE AND READ ANY MORE TILL YOU DO IT! GO ON....................

Congratulations! YOUR AMYGDALA JUST CLICKED BACKWARDS. (Now go wash your face).

STEP 2) Go get something that smells really good, TO YOU. It might be a rose, or popcorn, or your wife.

Okay, now smell this nice thing..... When you smell this "thing" subtle waves of pleasure permeate your head. It travels from your ears down your neck into your fingers and you drool with delight. Congratulations! Your amygdala has just clicked forward, and you did it ON PURPOSE all by yourself. (This is important, it wasn't an accident.)

STEP 3) See the difference between a frontwards click and a backwards click?

Wait a minute, you say...."This is so obvious!!" OF COURSE IT IS! You've been walking around with this switch in your brain since the day before you were born!

Once you learn a few techniques for DIRECTLY clicking forward, any time, any place YOU WILL BE AMAAAAZED at how your life changes! You will be in CONTROL of your own positive emotions and about a million other fantastic things. You ain't seen nothing yet......(Many more and advanced lessons in The Frontal Lobes Supercharge and other brain books.)

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