Fred Poindexter and Neil Slade

Acoustic Guitar Duets Plus


Enjoy the finest guitar music this side of Venus by NEIL SLADE and FRED POINDEXTER, playing nylon and steel string guitars, with some extra surprises. 

COSMIC CONVERSATIONS will have you dancing in your seat, skipping down the sidewalk, rolling down the river, and flying through the trees. Listen to Cosmic Conversations with headphones, with all the lights out, or on a long walk down a quiet street to help you tune into the incredible connections and perceptions within your brain-

"I just got Cosmic Conversations in the mail and it blew my mind!"
-Basilio Villanueva, Calif.




Neil Slade is an multi-instrumentalist, musician and author- His music is known throughout the globe and rumored to have been smuggled to a few neighboring inhabited planetoids.  On Cosmic Conversations he plays nylon string lead guitar, and is also featured on soprano sax and electric guitar.









Fred Poindexter  is a master finger style steel string guitar player and song writer with an abundant stage and recording studio history behind him.  His musical partnership with Neil goes back over 30 years.










13 tracks, 44 Minutes

1.   Mind Mine
2.   Teriyaki
3.   Pegas Eye
4.   I Ain't Usin' My Brain Blues
5.   Road To Taos
6.   Equatorial Regions
7.   Neural Swim
8.   Cosmic Conversations
9.   Happy Synapses
10. Running Smiling Man
11. Transcendence
12. Click Your Amygdala
13. Neural Swim Revisited

Release date, 2004   Re-mastered 2019




Road To Taos

Equatorial Regions

Mind Mine



"Cosmic Conversations" track Music Video




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Music from Cosmic Conversations is also featured throughout the movie

"Mirror- The Amazing Brain Adventure" (movie trailer below)





Neil Slade's The Amazing Brain Adventure







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